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Elk Shoals United Methodist Camp
...the home of the
Elk Shoals Interfaith Camps
and the "Trust Me" documentary!

Just as the New River remains pristine....so does the surrounding area at Camp Elk Shoals.

If you want to see and experience the majesty of God's creation: our Camp is a FABULOUS place to visit!

Check the links below for info on our facilities and their rates, directions to the Camp, etc.

our e-mail address has changed:

e-mail: ElkShoals@skybest.com

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 Trust Building activities at Camp Elk Shoals
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Fundraising for Elk Shoals: by searching the Internet
Thanks to Elk Shoals new partnership with "Goodsearch.com", raising money to help support Elk Shoals programs is literally a mouse-click away.
Log onto www.goodsearch.com---a new search engine powered by YAHOO!---and type "Elk Shoals" into the "I SUPPORT" box..and click VERIFY....then Elk Shoals will receive a donation each time you search the web using GoodSearch. You can even "download" a 'search' toolbar from GoodSearch.com.

Thanks! for supporting Elk Shoals.

Construction has begun on
"The Village"
This summer construction has begun on "The Village"....a grouping of up to 5 cabins built COMPLETELY to the Federal ADA guidelines, so that handicapped individuals can comfortably and safely enjoy the MANY pleasures of Camp Elk Shoals. This activity is occuring on a parcel of land located on the road that leads up to the Stafford Lodge (just a short ways above the Camp Director's residence).



The Consecration Service for the ELK SHOALS: CHAPEL ON THE NEW was held May 21, 2005....and Worship Services are held every Sunday at 11AM. Everyone welcome!!

The adjoining building (to the right of the bell tower) is the "new office/welcome center. Office hours will be 8:30-1pm Monday-Friday, and on Saturday by appointment.

Click here ( * ) for more information on the Chapel Project.

More exciting news: the "Trust Me" 60-minute documentary created for the Showtime TV network has now been shown on television networks all over the world!

More information on our Interfaith Camps (including how to make reservations) can be found in the following link.

Click here ( * ) to learn more about the Elk Shoals Interfaith Camps.
The Carolina Cross Connection stages 4 different 5-day youth camps each summer. Youth groups in churches from New Jersey to Georgia come to Elk Shoals to:
* help those (in the surrounding communtiy) that have material and spiritaul needs.
* reflect on their activities, & learn more about putting their faith into action.

Click here ( * ) to learn about the Carolina Cross Connection (CCC) at Camp Elk Shoals (and how to make reservations),
Located on the banks of the pristine New River in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Elk Shoals United Methodist Camp is just the place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of "everyday life."

We cater to both large groups and individuals. Groups can be "housed" in one of 3 "environments" (ie., in the dorm rooms at the Stafford Lodge, or in the Dorm rooms in the Mission House, or at the Adirondacks).

For individuals, couples and families: whether you want to camp out in your tent under the stars, spend the evening in your camper or RV, enjoy the companionship of a large group....or the privacy of having your own room: this Camp offers the outdoor enthusiast and nature-lover a multitude of activities that almost guarantees there will never be a dull moment.

Camp Director Rev. Peter Parish
with one of the hundreds of kids
that enjoyed Camp Elk Shoals last year.

The Camp Director and minister for the Elk Shoals Chapel on the New is Rev. Peter Parish.

Our ideas and dreams are AWESOME...

...but our facilities, camp size, and programming buget are limited!

We need YOUR help to allow us to serve MANY MORE of God's children, & to bring more youth each year to our Interfaith Camps!
The "Corpening Endowment Fund for Camp Elk Shoals" was recently approved by the Camp's Board of Directors.
Click here ( * ) to learn about this newly created Endowment Fund.
Click here ( * ) to view a Wish List for Camp Elk Shoals.
Click here ( * ) to view our contact information.
The mission and outreach of Elk Shoals is widespread. Our latest concern is to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. On Sunday, (9/3/05) the offering from the worship service held at the Chapel was dedicated to the relief and $821.00 was sent to UMCOR, to be used in their disaster recovery efforts. On the LOCAL level, the congregation of the Chapel on the New has adopted the Ashe County Sharing Center as an outreach program by paying the monthly "rent" on the building which houses the Sharing Center. A Harvest home service was held in November 2005, with a collection of food gathered at the Sunday worship service to be donated to the Sharing Center.

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