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The Mills River homeplace of
Wayne Corpening
The 2 pictures below are taken from across Highway 191....starting at the far right boundary (as one stands on 191 looking at the property).

The small white building with the red roof is a smoke-house located directly behind the actual house (which you cannot see because of the trees).

The silo is essentially at the far right corner of the property.

This is a close-up of the land seen between the house and the silo.
You see what appears to be 3 creek-beds running from left to right.
The bottom one is not found on the survey. This creek bed seperates what used to be a pasture for cattle from what used to be a garden (that was located on the right side of the house).
The top one (where the trees [with brownish colored leaves] are found in a row) is the creek that is the boundary at the far left side of the property.
The little white speck (in the upper right hand quadrant of the picture) is 2 bee hives located at the far left hand corner of the property. The Mills River is just behind these hives. The bees are there to help the farmer with the pollination of his crops.
The middle creek bed does not show up in the survey.

This is a picture of the far left side of the property (as seen by looking from Highway 191). The trees on the left form the boundary (and they are on a creek bed). There is an unseen "unimproved" dirt road on this side of the trees, that leads all the way to the back property line (which is the Mills River).
The amount of land needed for the sewer line coming from Highway 280 will be about where this current (unseen) road is located.

This is a shot taken from the same place as the other picture....but with the shot angled to the right. The trees to the right are those found on the left side of the house.

This is a close up of the land found between the 2 above pictures. The trees seen at the top of the page are on the far side of the bank of the Mills River (which is the back property line),
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