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Hosting Fees for Piedmont Communities

Dear User,

We are pleased that you are a user of We hope your
experience has been a pleasant one and that you will continue to use this Web
site to provide information to your constituency. has surpassed all expectations in both numbers of
sites that are hosted there and in numbers of visitors. These combine to allow
your site to be found on search engines and be more accessible to your users.

The combination also increases the bandwidth that is used by the sites and visitors,
and that increases our expenses.

Almost every user has expressed appreciation for the absence of advertising on
pages in, and we wish to continue that policy. However,
that leads us to the inevitable decision that the hosting arm of
can no longer be offered as a free service. We have researched pricing structures of
a variety of hosting companies to determine the current market price and have divided
the lowest charges in half.

Beginning May 1, will charge $75.00 per year for hosting
each nonprofit site. Organizations that pay this fee by June 1, 2006 will receive
a $25 discount. It is our sincere hope that the discounted fee of $50 will not be a
tremendous burden for you or your organization.

Training, design and customer service will continue to be offered with no fees.

If you want a unique design for your site, we will be able to help you with a variety of
options, including a hybrid site with a professionally designed homepage and self-
publishing pages at prices of $50 to $500. We will continue to help site administrators
obtain unique domain names for a minimal fee.

Shortly after June 10, representatives of all nonprofit organizations with Web sites in will be invited to learn more about fund-raising opportunities
through, where each of those sites will be eligible for a free
homepage and training in fundraising that is easy, fun and effective for no additional

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with you.

Archie Cashion, Chairman of the Board

Sue Hendricks, President

Please make checks payable to, attach it to the
completed form below and send to
P.O. Box 11774
Winston-Salem, NC, 27116

Get info on by sending email to:

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