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Forsyth Area Interagency Council
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Mission Statement
To create a forum for regularly sharing information about our respective agencies in order to enhance client services and outcomes in our community and to create opportunities for networking, building relationships and working together.
IAC Webmaster
About Us

IAC members work to develop a network of services that complement community resources. Although there are many agencies available locally, it is often difficult to know who to call if faced with a personal need, or the need of a friend, family member, or client. The IAC holds trainings on a variety of topics that are important to the disability community and the aging.

Among members are agencies who work with issues related to aging, sensory, mobility, communication, and cognitive impairments, end of life issues, respite care, living independently, assistive technology, housing, accessible library services, continuing education, job training and retention, veterans, social security benefits, advocacy, recreation, adult day care, hiv/aids, government services, crisis intervention and aid, and two major medical centers with comprehensive rehabilitation programs.

If you belong to an organization serving the Forsyth County area, please contact the website administrator for additional information on how to participate in our networking council.

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