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Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance
Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance
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A non- profit grassroots organization bringing together neighborhood associations throughout Winston-Salem.
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Letter from the President

The Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance celebrated its two year birthday at its annual meeting held September 23, 1999 in Old Salem. The Alliance began when several neighborhood representatives came together because of their concern over the (then) proposed downtown plan. We were pleased that Mayor Jack Cavanaugh came to our second annual meeting to inform us about the most recent proposals for renovating our downtown.

While the impetus initially was downtown, it soon became evident that there was a need for an association made up of neighborhood groups throughout the city to address issues that affect all of W-S, and also a need to increase communication of neighborhoods with each other throughout the city.

This organization has been and continues to be a grassroots effort. We address issues we feel affect the quality of life in Winston-Salem. Some of the issues we have addressed so far include:

1. Downtown plan

2. Opposed rezoning for more retail on Hanes Mall Blvd.

3. Concerned with W-S Dept. of Housing Services's demolition of so many of our older homes for code violations. West Salem lost two very important homes that were structurally sound because of code violations.

4. Supported West-End Neighborhood Assoc. in opposing the YMCA's proposal to demolish three historic homes that are considered contributing to the historic fabric of the West-End neighborhood.

5. Supported the location for the proposed YMCA Aquatics Center to be built in downtown W-S in order to encourage and support participation of children and teenagers from all of our neighborhoods.

6. Supported the Grassy Creek Neighborhood in opposing the expansion of the Hanes Mill Road landfill that would encroach on the surrounding neighborhoods.

7. Suggested alternatives for Cleveland Ave. Area Redevelopment to better reflect the history and tradition of the surrounding urban neighborhood.

8. Participated in the Mayor's Design Team Vision Plan held July, 1999. Neighborhood Participants: Fanny Williams ( Boston-Thurman N. Assoc. ), Eric Elliot ( West-End N. Assoc. ), Susan MacIntosh ( Holly Ave. N. Assoc. ), Inez Davis ( W-S Neighborhood Alliance).

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