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Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance
Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance
  Caring Communities
  Civics and Government
  Family & Friends
A non- profit grassroots organization bringing together neighborhood associations throughout Winston-Salem.
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January, 2005

Inez Davis, President 2230 Queen St. 27103 761-8978
Ardmore Neighborhood Association

Roger Anderson, Vice-President ... 942 Holland 27101 631-8635
West Salem/Granville Park Neighborhood Association

Molly Leight, Secretary 313 S. Main St. 27101 725-4325
Old Salem Neighborhood Association

Jolie Tingen 1810 S. Main St 27127 727
Washington Park Neighborhood Association

Lisa Elam 114 Piedmont Ave. 27101 724-5282
West End Neighborhood Association

Sharon Fortner 174 Idlewild 27106 631-9635
University Area Homeowners Association

Loui@ Harris 2423 Hoyt St. 27103 750-0631
Ardmore Neighborhood Association

Rev. Samuel L. Hodges 2401 Greenway Ave. 27105 725-3746
Green Way Avenue Neighborhood Association

Paula McCoy, Historian 2108 E. 25th St. 27105 750-0981
Bowen Park/Unity Neighborhood Association

Rutherford Moorman 5692 Bull-Run Rd. 27106 744-0927
Stonewall Community Association

Howard Pogue 2078 West Polo Rd. 27106 768-5044
West Polo Road Neighborhood Association

Carol Strittmatter 817 Clovelly Rd. 27106 765-6840
Robinhood Trails Neighborhood Association

Frank Williams 922 Glencoe 27107 788-1618
Belleview Neighborhood Association

Other Member Organizations and Delegates

DADA ... Millicent Greason ... 207 W. 6th St. 27101 ... 722-2345

Grassy Creek Isabel Zuber ... 5010 Murray Rd. 27106 924-1572

Happy Hills Edith Jones ... 503 Alexander St. 27107 725-8099

Sprague/Waughtown...Lisa Tapella-Meddler ... 1162 Waughtown 27107

Westminster...Peggy Findley..2903..St. Marks Rd. 27103

The Board of Directors elected at the September 23, 1999 annual meeting:

Inez Davis, President (Ardmore), Roger Anderson, Vice-President (West Salem), Molly Leight, Secretary (Old Salem), Kim Hackel, Treasurer (Washington Park), Lisa Elam (West-End), Sharon Fortner, Zoning Chair (University Area), Louise Harris (Ardmore), Rev. Samuel L. Hodges (Greenway), Paula McCoy, Historian (Bowen Park), Rutherford Moorman (Stonewall), Howard Pogue (West Polo Road), Carol Strittmatter (Robinhood Trails), Frand Williams (Bellview).
The following served during 1998-99 on the Alliance Board of Directors:

Inez Davis, President (Ardmore), Lisa Elam, Vice-President (West-End), Michael McKelvy, Secretary (Old Salem), Jolie Tingen (Washington Park), Roger Anderson (West Salem), Paula Corbin, Historian (Bowen Park), Carol Eickmeyer replaced by Louise Harris (Ardmore), Rev. Samuel Hodges (Greenway Ave.), Molly Leight (Old Salem), Rutherford Mooreman (Stonewall), Howard Pogue (West Polo Rd.), David Schildkret (Cummings Court), Carol Strittmatter (Robinhood Trails), Fannie Williams (Boston-Thurman).

The dues for membership organizations is $25.00 per year. Each member organization elects a delagate and an alternate delegate to represent the organization. The Board of Directors meets the second Wednesday of each month.

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