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Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance
Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance
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A non- profit grassroots organization bringing together neighborhood associations throughout Winston-Salem.
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by Inez Davis
September 19, 2000

As many of you know, representatives from several neighborhood associations met in February of 1998 because they were concerned about the plans for our downtown. From those meetings came the impetus for an organization of neighborhood associations, thus the Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance was bom. We are pleased that we are celebrating two years as an organization tonight. This is our third annual meeting. We cannot emphasize enough that this organization has been and continues to be a grassroots effort.

The Year in Review:

In November, 1999, the Alliance won $ 1,000 from the W-S Journal for submitting an application for a web site. Our address is journalnow.koz.com/wsj/wsna.

In December the Board voted, at the request of Ardmore Neighborhood Assosciation members, Gail and Hayes McNeil, to support the city of W-S's ban on concealed weapons in parks, recreation centers, and other public places.

Also in December, we heard from Michael Freeman, who would like to see W-S find a way to make Fivepoints walkable. The WSNA Board passed a resolution encouraging actions by the city and DOT that will help make all of Winston-Salem a walkable community.

In February, at the suggestion of Howard Pogue, the Board decided to join Neighborhoods USA, a national neighborhood organizaton.

Also in February, the Alliance Board supported the nomination of Chuck Coone for the Utilities Commission.

In March, WSNA was pleased to be asked to be a supporter of the W-S Events program.

In April, WSNA held its 2nd annual Spring Social at the beautiful courtroom of the Millenium
Center. Approximately 60 attended with 18 neighborhood groups represented. Mayor Cavenaugh,
Aldermen Merschel, Johnson and Terry also attended, as well as representatives from W-S
EVENTS, the Sierra Club and Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods.

In May, I spoke at the Board of Aldermen's meeting about the concern WSNA has for the loss of so many of our houses for code violation. (Copies of this presentation are in the back of the room.)

WSNA has representation on the following Committees:

1. Sharon Fortner serves on the Transportation Advisory Comniittee.
2. Molly Leight has been attending meetings of the Forsyth Coalition for Responsible Growth.
3. Carol Stritmatter and Frank Williams serve as representatives of WSNA on the Neighborhood
Institute for Community Leadership Comniittee.

We continue to be concerned with the demonition of so many homes in Winston-Salem for code violation by the city's Department of Housing and Neighborhood Services. We need programs to help repair and restore our houses that are in disrepair. Hopefully we can learn more about this process from our tour of Salisbury September 30 and from the Main Street/Preservation NC conference that was recently held in New Bern. If you are interested in the tour of Salisbury scheduled for September 30, please contact Nancy Byrum.

Our thanks to Kim Hackel (Washington Park) for her tenure with the Alliance. She is a founding member and has served as Treasurer for the past two years. Kim is rotating off the Board in order to have time to serve on the Historic Districts Commission.

If your neighborhood group is not a member of the Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance, please join us. Membership dues for each organization is $25.00 per year.

January 17, 2000

Mayor Jack Cavanagh and Board of Aldermen:

The Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance Board of Directors unanimously passed the following resolution at its January 12th meeting:

The Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance Board of Directors strongly supports the Winston-Salem Board of Aldermen's decision to uphold the ban on concealed weapons in parks, recreation centers, and other city owned facilities.

Also at its January 12th meeting, The Alliance Board of Directors discussed the inability of residents in Winston-Salem to walk from neighborhoods to commercial areas easily. The particular area discussed was the Stratford Road - Five Points area between Ardmore, Buena Vista, and West Highlands. The following resolution unanimously passed at this meeting:

The Winston-Salem Neighborhood Board of Directors encourages actions by the city and the DOT which will help make all of Winston-Salem a walkable community.

Thank you for all your work to help make Winston-Salem a better place for its residents.

With best regards,

Inez Davis, President
Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance

cc: Bryce A. Stuart, City Manager
Linda Davis, Winston-Salem Chief of Police


President's Report by Inez Davis
April 7, 2000

The Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance was one year old in September,
1999. The Alliance began when several neighborhood representatives came
together because of their concern over the proposed Downtown Plan. While
the impetus initially was downtown, it soon became evident that there
was a need for an association made up of neighborhood groups to address
issues that affect all of Winston-Salem, and a need to increase communicatio
throughout this city.

This has been and continues to be a grassroots effort. We address issues
we feel affect the quality of life here in Winston-Salem. Some of the
issues we have addressed so far:

1. Downtown Plan

2. Opposed rezoning for more businesses on Hanes Mall Blvd.

3. Concerned with Department of Housing Services's demolition of so
many of our older homes for code violations.

4. Continue to support West-End Neighborhood Association in opposing
the YMCA's proposal to demolish three historic homes that are
considered contributing to the historic fabric of the West-End

5. Supported the Grassy Creek Neighborhood in opposing the expansion
of the Hanes Mill Road landfill that would encroach on the
surrounding neighborhoods.

6. Suggested alternative for Cleveland Ave. Area Redevelopment to
better reflect the history and tradition of the surrounding urban

7. Recently, the Board of Directors of the Alliance unanimously passed
two resolutions:

A. To support the W-S Board of Aldermen's decision to uphold the
ban on concealed weapons in parks, recreation centers, and
other city owned facilities.
B. To encourage actions by the city and the DOT to help make W-S
more walkable.

The following serve on the Alliance Board of Directors:

Inez Davis, President (Ardmore), Roger Anderson, Vice President (West
Salem), Molly Leight, Secretary (Old Salem), Kim Hackel, Treasurer (Washing-
ton Park), Lisa Elam (West-End), Sharon Fortner, Zoning Chair (University
Area), Louise Harris (Ardmore), Rev. Samuel Hodges (Greenway Ave.), Paula
McCoy (Bowen Park/Unity), Rutherford Moorman (Stonewall), Howard Pogue
(West Polo Rd.), Carol Strittmatter (Robinhood Trails), Frank Williams

Other member organizations and delegates:

DADA - Millicent Greason
Grassy Creek Isabel Zuber
Happy Hills Edith Jones
Sprague/Waughtown - Lisa Tapella-Meddler
Westminster -Peggy Findley


1. A Walk in Washington Park - Saturday, April 15, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Celebrating the 25th year of the Washington Park Neighborhood Association.
Tour eleven homesand a dozen gardens, a church and a vintage theater.
Guided architectural walking tours begin each hour.
Tickets: $10 for adults, $8 for seniors

2. City of Winston-Salem Community Forum - Tuesday, April 11, 5:30 p.m.
at LJVM Coliseum Assembly Room.

3. Winston-Salem Events: Alive After Five (Thursdays), Fourth Street
Jazz (Fridays), Summer on Trade Street (Saturdays)

We hope each neighborhood group will want to be a part of this Alliance.
The By-Laws ask that each group elect a delegate and an alternate delegate
to the Alliance, and that membership dues be $25.00 per neighborhood
organization per year. Our membership chairman is Rutherford Moorman
from the Stonewall Community Association (744-0927) or you may contact
me, Inez Davis, at 761-8978.

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