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Family News

The Horton Hears a Who

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All the Family News That Fits

This Page Is for Family News
When you have something important to say, the newsletter is the best place to say it. You can post pictures, have expanding items, and put in maps, web links, and more.

There's something new in CPS 4.0--subpages. The link immediately above this item (News About the Family) leads you to a newsletter subpage with another story. You could use subpages the way newspapers do--separating out breaking news from lifestyle items, or you could give each of your kids a subpage of his or her own. Subpages can have subpages of their own (there is no limit). And the order and position of subpages and pages is a snap to rearrange.

Also note the picture of the purple phlox at the top of the newsletter page. It isn't a news item--it's just a picture. You can insert scraps of text and incidental graphics anywhere on the page. You can use HTML in your postings if you want, but it's so simple to just type as you normally would and let CPS take care of breaking paragraphs. We've also added a way to specify justification and font size, color, and face without bothering with html--just by making quick selections from list boxes.

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