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Officers & Board of Directors

Board Members
President/Membership/Newsletter Editor: Pammy Davis
Vice President: Ed Sullivan
Secretary: Greg Eldred
Treasurer: Danny Crump
Board Members: Wayne Childress, Kent Huffman, Susan Roush, Tom Worth
Newsletter Production: Eddie Carr (Granite Productions)
Web Master: Keith Dunn

Pammy Davis
President Bio: Pammy has had a passion for Bluegrass music since she attended her first festival at Lavonia, Georgia in 1977. She plays a beautiful Scheerhorn Resonator Guitar in a mostly all-girl Bluegrass band called Steel Magnolia that formed in 1995. Along with her husband, Clyde on Guitar and her on Bass, she plays in a Traditional Music band called Old Blue.
Vice President
Ed Sullivan

Secretary - Greg Eldred

Greg Eldred
Greg Eldred plays Guitar in a new band called Blue August Magic. He is a songwriter with a song recorded by The Stevens Sisters on their current release.
Danny Crump

Newsletter Production - Eddie Carr

Eddie Carr
Eddie Carr is from Salisbury, North Carolina. He plays Fiddle in Southern Junction and is the owner of Granite Productions, a company that does CD design and printing, CD duplication, graphics, promotions, artwork, and printing. He and his wife, Linda, do a fantastic job printing, applying address labels and stamps, and mailing The G Run. High Lonesome Strings is highly appreciative!
Board Member, Wayne Childress

Board Member, Brent Fain

Brent was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina and was reared in old-time country music. Moving to North Carolina led him to Bluegrass and the Summit Hilltoppers, a band with 60+ years experience. He has been playing Bluegrass for the last six years and is a founding member of Never Too Late. He serves as current Vice President of High Lonesome Strings Bluegrass Association, Inc. Brent and his wife, Jo live in Oak Ridge, North Carolina.
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