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Adam Spach Rock House

1774 Adam Spach Rock House
At its annual meeting in 1917, H.W. Foltz proposed that the Wachovia Historical Society restore the Adam Spach Rock House in northern Davidson County. Adam Spach was one of the first settlers to settle outside the original Wachovia. Foltz, one of his descendants, started a fund dedicated to its restoration and was able to purchase part of the original grant. Later donations led to the acquisition of more land and provided funds for maintenance and development.

Despite the Society's concerted efforts, we have been unable to establish an environmental and historical part on this property in Davidson County. In 1940, the Society transferred its holdings to the North Carolina Historical Restoration Program for this purpose. World War II, however, dashed our hopes and the tract was returned to us in 1955. New impetus came from the 1975 annual meeting which was devoted to discussion and planning for the future of the area.

Since 1990 we have been seeking appropriate easements so that the land can be transferred to Davidson County, which in 1993 signified its willingness to accept the property. Our Properties Committee, chaired by Arthur Spaugh, has devoted many hours to the project and remains optimistic that this goal will soon be achieved. We have recently granted a sewer easement to Davidson County in relation to construction of the new Friedberg School. While the sewer was being laid, the Societyin fulfillment of its stewardship of the tract arranged archaeological monitoring by Wake Forest University. A few shards and fragments were unearthed, none of historical importance.


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