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What does a Council do?
National PTA Bylaws define a council as a group of local PTA units organized under the authority of the state PTA for the purpose of promoting conferences, communications, leadership development and coordination of the efforts of such local PTA units. Each state PTA may create or establish councils in counties, cities or other areas designated by its board of managers/directors.

The Council
...provides support and assistance to every PTA in our county
...interprets, promotes and supports the basic policies of the PTA
...makes people aware of the need for action through the united strength of local PTAs
...promotes the use of state and National PTA publications, programs and projects
...provides in-depth background information on current issues related to the lives and education of children and youth
...strengthens PTA leadership by providing leadership development
...coordinates/cooperates in community projects
...enhances communication among local units, the council and the state
...represents the interests of your school PTA unit before the school administration, the board of education, and state and National PTA
...provides a forum for public information and debate on issues affecting children and youth, for candidates for public office and for legislative/public policy matters
Council officers are willing to assist you, when asked, in understanding and carrying out the important work of PTA.
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Council of PTAs
The Council is made up of all the local units, and serves as the medium through which all units can work together to solve community-wide problems beyond the scope of a single unit. It provides and promotes conferences, leadership training and programs for all member units.
The Council Board members serve as a link between the state PTA and local units and between the local school administration and the schools. Members serve on many of the School-based committees such as calendar, curriculum, Teacher of the Year, and Cash-Ibraham Scholarships. The WS/FC School Superintendent works directly with the Council on system-wide projects or problems.
The purpose of the WS/FC Council is to serve YOU - the local PTA unit.

As advocates, we, the WS/FC Council of PTAs, will support and speak on behalf of children and youth in Winston-Salem / Forsyth County. We will use our resources to educate and provide leadership to parents, community, educators, local units and governmental agencies.
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