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Greetings from the Council President - Glenda Head
And….. we’re off!! As I am writing this, you are no doubt putting together the final details for Open House and preparing for a great year. Thank you for the time you have already invested in planning for the success of your PTA program this year! You have taken on a major leadership roll that has the potential to impact the lives of a LOT of children! What an honor! I encourage you to take it seriously, but for heavens sake...have some fun in the process! Take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Thank you for your availability!!

Now for the practical stuff…
You should already have your president’s packet and membership cards from NCPTA. If not, call the State office @ 1-800-255-0417 or e-mail to nc_office@pta.org. Be sure to pass on the pertinent information in this packet to your committee chairs. For example, give the “Reflections” packet to your Reflections chair. As President, you should be familiar with each area, but your chair should be responsible for the details. You may want to copy some of the materials for yourself.

1. National Membership dues increased to $1.25 from $1.00. Your PTA will need to remit to NCPTA a total of $2.25 for each PTA/PTSA member. You have remitted $2.00/member in the past. You are able to increase your dues by 25˘ without calling for a bylaws vote by your membership.

2. Your Budget Committee should have a proposed budget ready to present to your PTA Executive Board. This should be approved by the general membership at your first unit meeting.

3. Communication is the key!!
·Decide on one color for any PTA publications (newsletter, bulletins, reminders) you send to parents to make it easily recognizable as coming from the PTA.
·Send out your information on a designated day or with specific school publications. Example: Send your newsletter with the VIP folder or with progress reports and report cards.
·Make communication meaningful, regular and two-way. See National Standards for Parent Involvement for more ideas.

4. Deal with PTA “paper” promptly. You will be receiving a lot of PTA mail, and if you let it sit around, you will never catch up!

5. Last but NOT least, make your goals achievable. You may see 10 things that you would like to improve upon this year. Please…don’t go there!! Pick 3, maybe 4 things that you can do and do them well. Doing one thing well for children is better than doing 10 things half-way.

I hope these tips will be helpful. I am excited about this year and what we can accomplish together. Our job as PTA Council is to instruct, inform and inspire YOU!! We are here to help you!! Call us or e-mail us any time between 8 am and 9 pm. (Just a reminder…we have families too.)

Below you will find a PTA Calendar for the Year. Use it in your planning. Here's wishing you a very successful year!

National PTA 2001-2002 Calendar of Events
American Goes Back to School
US Dept. of Education
National PTA Membership Months
Child Health Month
American Academy of Pediatrics
(847) 434-4000

Month of the Young Adolescent
National Middle School Assoc.
(800) 528-NMSA (6672)

Oct. 14-27
National School Bus Safety Week
National School Bus Safety Committee
(800) 989-6278
(National PTA website)

Oct. 21-27
Take Charge of Your TV Week
Cable in the Classroom
(800) 743-5355
For information go to National PTA website

Nov. 11-17
American Education Week
National Education Assoc. (NEA)
(202) 822-7262

Thurs., Nov. 29, 6:30 pm
Council Dinner Meeting
Honoring WS/FC Teachers of the Year

Feb. 17th
National PTA Founders Day
Thursday, February 28, 6:30 pm
Council Reflections Reception
Music in Our Schools Month
National Association for Music Education
(800) 336-3768

March 2
Read Across America
(Dr. Seuss’s 98th Birthday)
National Education Assoc. (NEA)
(202) 833-4000

Kick Butts Day
Campaign for Tobacco-Free kids
(202) 296-5469

Nickelodeon’s The Big Help
PO Box 929
New York, NY 10108

April 1
National PTA Award Deadline

Thurs., April 25, 6:30 pm
Council Dinner
Honoring all Incoming & Outgoing PTA Presidents and the WS/FC Principal of the Year

National Mental Health Month
National Mental Health Assoc.
(800) 969-NMHA (6642)

May 5-11
National PTA Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7
National Teacher Day
National Education Assoc. (NEA)
(202) 822-7262

MAY 3-4
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June 22-25
Annual National PTA Convention
San Antonio, TX
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