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About My Website
Hello!! Welcome to my website about American Pit Bull Terriers. This wonderful breed gets such a bad rap from the media and all the ignorant people out there. I love this breed, and I know this is the breed I will stick with. Whenever my dog and I go out to the park or to a pets' store, or any place else. We always try to educate everyone who has questions about this breed. I welcome everyone to my site to learn about this wonderful breed and even if you don't own an APBT thats fine. This site is too better the APBT breed and teach people what this breed is all about. Welcome!

My APBT "Freedom", he is 6 months in this picture, but now he is 9 months old. He was born on March 13, 2001.
My Hobbies and Interests
My Hobbies include playing with my puppy and working on him with his training. Talking to other breeders, showers, owners of this wonderful breed. And of course the normal stuff such as, going out, shopping (of course!), and volunteering and my local Humane Society.

To contact me, here is my E-mail!


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