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SAGA Wee Care Project

The Piedmont Smockers participate in the Wee Care Project that is supported by SAGA. Participants create beautiful smocked or embroidered heirloom gowns and hats in various sizes, from tiny preemie thru newborn, which are then donated to Womens' Hospital in Greensboro. Babies who die at birth or shortly afterwards are dressed in one of these lovely garments, although they are sometimes used for babies who are still in the neo-native intensive care unit.

Most of these babies, many premature infants, are on earth for a short time, and these Wee Care gowns are often the only garment they ever wear. Our members hope that these gowns, so lovingly created, may provide some small comfort to the parents. The parent may wish to keep the gown as a momento of their baby, or some may choose the gown as the one that their child will be buried in.

The SAGA Wee Care Program originated in 1986 when members of the Rose Trellis Smocking Guild in Portland, Oregon were looking for a way in which to serve their community. They utilizied their talents to make gowns quickly and with inexpensive but high quality materials. Beginners could easily learn smocking techniques while working on a gown. These gowns also kept more advanced smockers and sewers interested.

The Wee Care program idea quickly spread to other chapters across the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Soon members were smocking and sewing the gowns and donating them to their local hospitals. For additional information about the Wee Care Project, contact SAGA.
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