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Civil Defense Media
These posters, sound files, and animations are some that were used during the Cold War to promote the Civil Defense programs. The Conelrad radio program was used all over the United States and in Winston-Salem. Harold Essex was involved in the Winston-Salem radio broadcasts. The posters were typical of the posters all over the United States. Bert the Turtle was shown to children in Winston-Salem to promote the "Duck and Cover" technique.
Fallout Shelter Class
This picture is one that advertises a class offered by the Civil Defense Program for building and stocking a fallout shelter. The image of the atomic bomb in the background serves as a constant reminder for the need of a fallout shelter. Propaganda depicting images of the bomb were common and was a mild scare tactic in promoting Civil Defense programs.

Just one of the many Civil Defense Posters
Psychadelic Triangles

Woah! Talk about psychadelic.
It seems with this poster the hippies weren't the only ones experimenting in psychadelics, with this poster a new art form is acheieved. Triangles coming out of the radiation sign...An appeal to the masses or a moment of creativity?
Conelrad Sample
The Conelrad was a emergency broadcast system that would be used in time of emergency. Like the clip says you would tune to 640 or 1240 AM on your radio and listen for futher instructions in time of emergency. These broadcast's were sent to radio stations on LP's and in case of emergency most radio stations would go off the air and instruct their listeners to tune to 640 and 1240 AM to listen to the Conelrad instructions.

You must have RealPlayer to listen to this clip of by the Conelrad broadcast system. (You can get it free at realplayer.com)
Bert the Turtle

This is a wave file of Bert the Turtle used in the public schools systems to teach "Duck and Cover."
Bert the Turtle was one of the many ways that school children were taught to duck and cover in case of attack. In schools there were often drills were the children would get under their desk and cover their heads. Whether or not this would have worked is up to much speculation....
The animation of Bert the Turtle

This is the animation for Bert the Turtle...It doesn't have sound. It might take a few to load but when it does it can be viewed more fluidly.
The "Duck and Cover" movie was released in 1950, one year after the USSR had exploded their first atomic bomb. This was the most climatic part of the war until the Cuban Missle Crisis. It was also suprising to the Americans that the Russians were intelligent enough to make a bomb. The popular pre-conceived notion was that they were less than intelligent.
Katherine Graham Howard
This is Katherine Howard, a lady who went to Salem Academy in Winston-Salem and who later played a large part of Civil Defense both in North Carolina and the United States. See the Works Cited page for a website of a more complete biography.

Katherine Graham Howard


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