Orchestra Pit Cover
is Installed...

The orchestra pit cover is that portion of the stage "in front" of
the green line.
In this picture, the front of the cover is located just above the
brass rail (which is the rail on top of the balcony ledge).
Winston-Salem Symphony
has booked
Pops Concerts
this coming season!

This picture was taken during the Plugged-In Pops Concert on
October 6, 2006...and the 4 singers are on the pit cover.
"Friends of Reynolds Auditorium" is proud to announce that
the Orchestra Pit Cover (manufactured and installed by the Wenger Corporation) is now in-place!

With this new addition, we are also proud to announce that the
Winston-Salem Symphony has booked 4 more Pops Concerts next season!

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The first two paragraphs of the review of the Plugged-In Pops Concert of October 6, 2006 from the local newpaper follows:
"This'll be a lot of fun," the man behind me whispered to his companion as the lights went down, and he was right.

Last night's first concert in the Winston-Salem Symphony's "Plugged-in Pops" series was thoroughly enjoyable. The renovated Reynolds Auditorium was a terrific setting, with comfortable seats, plenty of leg room and great acoustics. (Can the symphony always perform there?) And the audience was enthusiastic and ready to swing.

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