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Act Locally

Do you want to know more
about sustainable opportunities
in our community? If so, check
out the following website links
and check back for updates!
North Carolina GreenPower Program (NCGP)
"...with the coming of NC GreenPower, we will soon be able to make a simple choice that will offer support for cleaner energy sources. Under the voluntary NC GreenPower program, residents can pay $4 more on their electric bills for one block, or 100 kilowatt-hours, of energy produced from wind, solar or methane sources. Utilities then must get that block of energy from a "green" energy generator.... The program is set to 'roll-out' statewide in mid-September. However, your local utility will be able to accommodate your request on or after July 29th [2003]."
Link to NCGP website for more information!
Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful
Volunteer opportunities for beautification projects, litter cleanups and environmental education activities.
Link to KWSB website for more information!
Foothills Group of the NC Sierra Club
Link to Sierra Club website for more information!
Piedmont Land Conservancy (PLC)
"The Piedmont Land Conservancy is dedicated to preserving natural and scenic lands, farms, and open spaces in Piedmont North Carolina to enrich the quality of life for our communities and for future generations."
Link to PLC website for more information!
Winston-Salem Transit Authority (WSTA)
Take the bus to local destinations!
Link to WSTA website for more information!
Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART)
"PART is a Regional Transportation Authority with a goal to improve transportation through regional cooperation. The mission of the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation is to enhance the quality of all forms of transportation for each of our citizens through efficient use and protection of our natural, economic and human resources."
Link to PART website for more information!
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