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Vernon and Lester Zimmerman

On Nov. 17, 1951, my twin Lester and I joined the Navy and were sent to Boot Camp
in San Diego, CA. After 10 weeks we took the final test and made the same score.
We then elected to go to Airman School at NATTC Norman, OK. Again at graduation
we made the same score. We were then put in separate rooms for a re-test.
Again we made the same scores.
After completing Structures and Hydraulics School at NATTC at Memphis TN,
we elected to go to same duty station at NAS Agana, Guam. This was an
Airborne Early Warning Squadron. Three (VW-3). Our duty was to fly into
and chart the course speed and direction of various Typhoons
Weather PLane VW-3

We covered a large triangle at bases: (1) NAS Agana Guam, (2) NAS Single Point,
Luzon Philippines, (3) NAS Atsugi, Japan.
Lester and I were written about in the “Military Times”.
We were the first set of twins in Squadron VW-3.As a crewman on a PB4V-2 “Privateer”,
we flew into a specific Typhoon and did various checks and repair on the plane. We flew
on test flights every other day or when we were needed.
Off Duty

During our days off we checked out a Squadron pick-up truck and visited
with some of the many native people we met working on the base. We visited many villages through out the island. A lot of natives invited us in for a meal and showed us around. The thatched houses were clean and consisted of homemade furniture.
The meals consisted of chicken, many vegetables(Home grown) pork, and spring water.
They wanted to know about North Carolina. (They spoke broken English). They told us the history of Guam and how bad it was during the Japanese Occupation. We even visited some of their Boy Scout Jamborees. (Both Zimmermans were Boy Scouts)
All the people wore slipper with a throng up thru the first and second toe. So the Navy adopted this shoe and we all wore them. We called them “Gook Boots”
Touring Car

After one year on the island, Lester and I bought a 1941 Chevrolet to do our “Exploring” and visited all the villages on the island. Guam is the largest of the Mariana Chain of islands. It is 33 miles long and 8 miles wide with jungles, rivers and a reef around the eastern shore. So it was safe to swim there and not worry about sharks.
Two Man Japanese Tank

We saw many ruins from the Japanese terror of WWII. We explored many caves. We even had to dive down deep to enter some of the beautiful caves. The sun sets and sun rises were sights to remember.

I get with Lester even now, to talk about our “Guam Days” and the pictures we made during our tour of duty.

TWA Super Constellation

After nineteen months we flew home on a TWA Super Constellation and said “Good By” to a beautiful “Guam” Our second tour of duty was in a Transport Squadron VR-3 base at NAS Moffett Field, CA. Story written and submitted by Vernon Zimmerman.
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