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USS Twining Corpsman Walter Leonard

Walter joined up Monday after Pearl Harbor. After completing boot camp and Corpsman
training, he was assigned to the Destroyer USS Twining. Sailed on the shakedown cruise,
then, spent WWII in the Pacific on the Twining. The Twining earned 8 Battle stars,
among them were Saipan, Tinian, Iwo Jima, and the Philippines.
During emergencies or wartime Some very unusual events take place.

On board the USS Twining a crewman developed appendicitis. The medical unit consisted of a Doctor just out of med school and a corpsman.Doctor Ashby asked Corpsman Walter H. Leonard if he had ever assisted with appendicitis operation? The reply was No.
Walter asked the Doctor "Have you performed one"? Again the answer was no,
but I saw one done. We have to perform one or this man will die.
Using tools at hand like spoons etc. they preformed a successful operation
on the mess hall table.
The three men attended their 50th. reunion in 1995.
The operation occurred under General Quarters off the Philippines.

This is one of the stories from the USS Twining that along with many pictures are in the
Military History Project Archives.

Tied up in Tokyo Bay

The USS Twining was one of the first ships to enter Tokyo Bay for the signing
of the peace treaty.The Twining earned 8 Battle Stars. Battles included Tinian,
Iwo Jima and the Philippines. Note Japanese on dock.
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