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Letter from "Wick" to his parents

This fragement of a letter with parts missing and in two pieces was folded
two times inside a letter addressed to J. W. "Wick" youngest son
W.E. Ogburn. The letter is addressed to J. W.'s parents and youngest brother.
Back of Letter

Back page of letter Get me a hat to wear.
"Wick" did not like having to wear a "Yankee" cap. So he asked his youngest brother to send him a cap to wear.

J. W. "Wick" Ogburn was the youngest of the four Ogburn Brothers who lived through the Civil War. One lost a foot , two were captured but all four were there at the end. "Wick" was captured, held four months, released. Then returned to service and captured at Petersburg.

Note used in the Northfleet Dispatch

Comparing the letter and the note you can date the letter. It was written on the battel field of Brandy Station, before he was captured the first time. If you are interested in the Norfleet Diapatch article email me at WOgburn571@aol.com
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