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Bugler WWII

Paul Joyner in uniform is exchanging salutes with his brother-in-law Daniel Klutz. I had been after Paul to bring me a picture of him in uniform from WWII. So one Sunday, Paul brought this picture. He told me he was a bugler, but the Army decided he was too small to fight so they released him. A few weeks later Paul brought in another picture. He wanted me to look at it.
Paul H. Joyner WWI

This time the picture was of Paul Harding Joyner Paulís father in his WWI uniform. Paul likes to kid around so you have to be careful about what he tells you. Then Paul tells me his mother was a WAAC in WWII. ?? After a couple more weeks Paul calls me to look at another picture. Sure enough this was a woman in a WAAC uniform. ??
Mother WAAC in WWII

With Paulís kidding I was leery of this being his mother, so I question him about the picture. Guess what after another couple of weeks Paul shows up with a newspaper clipping.
WAAC Grandmother

There was Paul in the picture which says he was a bugler and his mother was a WAAC. So Paul was in WWII, his father in WWI, his mother in WWII and the young boy in the first picture (Paulís brother-in-law) in the Army about 10 years later. An Army family.
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