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Top Mustang Ace George Preddy

George was born in Greensboro Feb. 5, 1919 and took flying lessons after graduating from high school at age 16. Before the out break of the war he applied for Naval Air Service, and was turned down three times due to a curvature of the spine. He joined the NC Coast Artillery and from there the Army accepted him when he applied for flying service. Commissioned as Second Lieutenant with wings on Dec. 12, 1941, he was sent to Australia. He flew about two dozen missions against the Japanese. On a training mission he was hit by another plane and both crashed in the jungle. The other pilot was killed, while George got a bad leg injury. He was sent back to the states after three months recovering. Then he was sent to England in July 1943. On Dec. 1 he scored his first victory on a German plane. Two days later he got his second, and the Silver Star.
Cripes A'Mighty

George's P- 51D
George's Story.
I had set up a page for George based on some newspaper clippings.
Joe Noah and Sam Sox had done a much better and complete job.
Which they shared with me You can also find George and his younger
brother Bill's story in "Freedom's Heroes. Copyright 2002 Senior Resources
of Guilford County. True Stories From Those Who Lived Them Veterans
of Guilford County, NC. Who served in WWII, Korea,, and Vietnam.
Another source to check is The Preddy Memorial Foundation
c/o Greensboro Historical Museum 130 Summit Ave. Greensboro, NC 27401

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Top Mustang Ace
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