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German POW's Bake Shop

This small building across the street from the Food Lion on Hawthorne near Knollwood has a connection to WWII. So did the old National Guard Armory located on Patterson Ave. one block north of Liberty Street. With the 30 Th. Division fighting in Europe the compound was fenced in and used to hold German POWs. Some of the POWs worked on farms and other places during the day, they returned to the compound for the night. Some of our people became friends with the Germans. One of the POWs returned to Germany after the war was over and then returned to Winston-Salem. He was a baker, so he opened Neumannís (Or something similar) bakery in this store. He made very good German pastries and bread. My kidís favorite was palm leaves. Mr Neumann was written up in the Winston-Salem Journal. He sold the business to somebody else and retired several years ago.
The new owners did not last as long , so now it is PBís Take out
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