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Lifetime Design Program

Occupational Therapy Department
Medical Center Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27157
(336) 716-4955
(336) 716-9956 (fax)
e-mail bfain@wfubmc.edu

Lifetime Design utilizes a team approach to help you get the most comprehensive analysis of your present and future accessibility needs in your home. We provide a comprehensive home evaluation and analysis of functional skills, assist with obtaining resources and consult with builder/remodeler of choice.

Services Provided by Lifetime Design:
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        Home Evaluation Assistance
        Frequently Assist with funding

        Home evaluation and analysis will be completed by a certified environmental access consultant with 19 years of rehabilitation experience. The Home evaluation will include assessment of:
1. Clients functional and safety skills in their home environment
2. Financial resources
3. Written report with accessibility solutions
4. Sources for accessibility products
5. Consultation with builder/remodeler


Phone: (336) 716-4955 Speak with Beth Fain
E-mail: bfain@wfubmc.edu
Address: Lifetime Design
North Carolina Baptist Hospital, Inc.
Medical Center Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27157

A social worker is one of the team members who will assess the financial services a client is qualified for and will guide the process as applicable. A written guideline will be provided. In addition, written information will be provided for tips on selecting contractors and writing up the contracts as written by State attorney's office. Funding Resources include but are not limited to: 3rd Party Payers; Conventional Loans; Fannie Mae Loans; Community Block Grants; Reverse Mortgages; Medicaid Waiver; General home repair loan/grant programs; Federal income tax Medicaid deduction; State Sales tax exemptions, deductions (ramps and lift equipment); VA Funding; Volunteer Service Agencies; Independent Living; and Others

The certified access consultant (CEAC) will communicate with client and other team members regarding results of home evaluation, financial assessment and provide written report. The client will review and make decisions regarding recommendations. If client chooses to complete project, the CEAC will communicate with client's choice contractor to establish contract, accessibility needs and obtaining products. A final assessment will be conducted upon completion of services and the client will complete survey to ensure satisfaction.

The Lifetime Design Program is committed to ensuring increased accessibility in homes in our service area. We conduct informational sessions regarding health predictors for home safety needs, home accessibility questionnaires, technical information and workshops for universal design for new construction or remodeling.
We have teamed up with: Universal Design Center; Independent Living Center; American Builder Association; American Remodeler Association; Senior Services; Habitat for Humanity and other local agencies to increase our accessibility to your needs.

Question: Why is it advantageous to use team approach for home accessibility remodeling or building issues?
Answer: Each team member incorporates their area of expertise to develop an individualized plan that addressing specific needs.
Team members include: Occupational Therapist who specializes in functional abilities, accessibility products, home assessments, ADA guidelines; Social Worker who is familiar with environmental controls and other low technology products; Builder/Remodeler who is familiar with building and construction and codes; Designer who is familiar with design usage of space.
Question: Can an existing home be made accessible?
Answer: Yes, and most effectively with team approach to ensure person and home fit with their functional abilities.
Question: Can we make accessibility changes without contractor or team approach?
Answer: Yes, but most often clients encounter problems meeting codes, their specific needs and often encounter additional expenses redoing the project.
Question: Can we get a consultation without completing recommendations?
Answer: Yes. The process is clearly explained and given in writing to ensure understanding and satisfaction.
Question: Can I select my own contractor if I choose Lifetime Design?
Answer: Yes. We will work with contractor of choice to ensure quality and satisfaction.
Question: Are there other options for accessible housing?
Answer: Yes. Lifetime design has compiled multiple resources to best inform clients about accessible housing.
Question: Are there available fundings for accessible housing?
Answer: Yes. These are client and housing specific and we will assist client with these.

Please complete this personal profile questionnaire if you would like further information on home assessment.

Please describe your disability/functional limitations. (i.e. "I have had a stroke and can't use my right side but can walk.")

Please describe current housing situation. (i.e. "I live in a 2-story home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths," etc.)

Please describe family situation. (i.e. "I live with my husband who is able to assist me in my care.")

Please describe what products you feel you need or concerns you have regarding your home.

Please describe how you would like to fund this project.

How did you hear about Lifetime Design?

PERSONAL PROFILE QUESTIONNAIRE (Please make responses to the following questions)
1.This is a home that I/we are planning to build.      Yes     No

2.This is a remodeling of an existing home.      Yes     No

3.This is a single family home.      Yes     No

4. I live alone.      Yes      No

5. I have paid caregiver(s) in the home.      Yes      No

6. My family/significant other assists in my care.      Yes      No

7. More than one disabled person will be living with me.     Yes     No

8. More than one disabled person will share a bathroom.     Yes     No

9. More than one disabled person will share a bedroom.      Yes     No

10. I have already selected a contractor.      Yes      No

11. I have financing arranged for this project.      Yes      No

12. There is an Insurance Case Manager involved in this project.      Yes      No

13. My contractor has built adapted homes for the disabled.      Yes     No

14. The homesite is on a paved road.      Yes      No

15. I am interested in mobile homes designed for the disabled.      Yes     No

16. I am sight or hearing impaired.      Yes     No

17. I use a wheelchair full time.      Yes      No

18. I can transfer from my wheelchair to bed.     Yes     No

19. I use transfer equipment, such as a powered lifting device.      Yes      No

20. I use a hospital bed.      Yes      No

21. I can use a regular or raised toilet.       Yes     No

22. I am able to use a bathtub.      Yes     No

23. I can use an adapted shower.      Yes     No

24. I am incontinent, or require bowel care.      Yes     No

25. I am partly or fully ventilator.     Yes     No

26. I can walk a few steps with help or with an assistive device.     Yes     No

27. I use a powered scooter or wheelchair.     Yes     No

28. I use a powered lift chair to stand or transfer.     Yes      No

29. I prepare meals for myself or for my family.     Yes     No

30. I have kitchen appliances that I plan to keep.     Yes     No

31. I do my own laundry, or laundry for my family.     Yes     No

32. I have laundry equipment that I plan to keep.      Yes     No

33. I take care of my own house cleaning.      Yes     No

34. I am able to drive.      Yes      No

35. I drive a regular or adapted car.      Yes      No

36. I use a specialized vehicle, e.g., an adapted van.      Yes     No

37. I am employed full or part time.     Yes     No

38. I am employed outside the home.     Yes     No

39. My spouse or significant other is employed.     Yes     No

40. I am alone during the day.     Yes     No

41. I am alone during the night.     Yes     No

42. I am able to use a telephone without help.      Yes     No

43. I am a smoker.      Yes     No

44. I use oxygen.     Yes      No

45. I use a manual lifting device, such as a Hoyer Lift.     Yes     No

46. My home site is in a remote or rural area.      Yes     No

47. This form has been completed by the disabled client.     Yes     No

48. The disabled client presently lives in adapted housing.     Yes     No

49. The client is now a resident of a group home, or facility.      Yes     No

50. The client has a legal guardian.     Yes      No

Did we leave something out?

Need to explain something related to one of the above questions?

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