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Körner's Folly
A historic house museum in Kernersville, dating to 1878-1880.
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Jule Korner built what became known as Korner's Folly in 1878-1880. This painter and interior designer originally intended the structure to be a studio, a showplace for his interior design ideas, and a stable on one side - he was a bachelor, and planned to build another house nearby at a later date.

The story is that a passing farmer said, "Surely that will be Jule Korner's folly." The name stuck, and it is outlined in colored tile to this day outside the front door (along with the intriguing "Witches' Corner).

Korner married, however, in 1886, and the couple eventually had two children. The house changed shape and function, as it would for years to come.

Today, the home is held by a non-profit foundation that seeks to restore it to its former glory. The foundation offers tours of the home as restoration continues. The house is celebrating its 125th anniversary during 2005.

Korner's Folly North Facade 1999
Korner's Folly is open year-round for individual and group tour visitors. See details below.
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Touring Korner's Folly
Korner's Folly is currently open four days a week for walk-in visitors: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; and Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m.
Walk-in admission tickets are $6 for adults, $3 for children 5-16, and free for children 4 and under.
Group tours can be arranged in advance, by contract, with two weeks' notice. Call the Folly directly to arrange a group tour for adults and/or children. For groups of more than 20, discounted ticket prices are available.
Learn more about the Folly
Descriptive brochures to guide you through the Victorian oddity of Korner's Folly are supplied to visitors at the front door.
From less than 6 feet to more than 25 feet (ceilings).
No door size or shape quite like any other.
"Cupid's Park," believed to be the first private little theater in America.
It's all here in a tour of the Folly.
Link to the Korner's Folly homepage
Find the Folly on a map.
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