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Triad Leadership Network, Class of 2000
Celebrating the Class of 2000 -- a group that demonstrated the power of regional planning
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The Way It Comes to Us
The future comes to us not like rain
Spreading across the TV weather map,
Not like lightning strike from a clear blue sky,
Not like marble bursting into flame,
Not like a door that opens in a wall
Where we are sure no door had stood before;

Because we labor to create our future,
Those parts of it we think we can discern
By use of study and imagination,
Those parts that circumstance does not destroy
Or ravage beyond repair of all effort,
Parts that may be pliant to mind and hand.

Perhaps the programmer looks into her screen
To find a row of numbers that shows a hope
The way she glimpsed a glamorous future self
When she folded the gown tabs on her paper dolls
On her from porch a rainy April morning;
Perhaps the blear-eyed data analyzer
May look up from his pages to recall
How he assembled balsa wood and tissue
And in his bedroom plunged through rainbow skies.

The future comes to us because we dream,
Miraculous--but not a miracle.

                                   Fred Chappel
                                   A salute to the
                                   Triad Leadership Network
                                   Class of 2000

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