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Piedmont Communities is a nonprofit organization that offers web site
design, training and hosting free to nonprofit agencies and organizations.
It is supported by tax-deductible donations from individuals and foundations.
Donations may be sent to Piedmont Communities, c/o Treasurer
Lisa West, SunTrust Private Wealth Management, 2140 Country Club Road,
Winston-Salem, NC 27104.

In this area there are many special events supporting medical research and
raising awareness for multiple medical conditions and diseases. These events
provide opportunities
for everyone to participate, enjoy hours with friends
and colleagues, support a cause, and do some good for themselves Fun, Fresh
Air, Exercise, and knowing
that that they are helping to improve the quality
of life for future generations.
Find one that meets your needs and your abilities and Participate!

Publish your information
Please let people know about your educational events by sending the information to Piedmont Communities at
This Week's Minds & Bodies Events
12/11 5:30p   Track & Field practice
 8:00p   Al-Anon & Alateen Meetings
12/1212:00p   CPR for Family & Friends
 5:30p   Track & Field practice
 6:00p   Sleep Support Group
 8:00p   Al-Anon & Alateen Meetings
12/13 3:00p   Stroke: a Brain Attack
 5:30p   Track & Field practice
 6:30p   Personalized Holiday Cards
 8:00p   Al-Anon & Alateen Meetings
12/1412:00p   Noon Day Worship Service @ Spencer Memorial
 4:00p   Help for Heel Pain
 5:30p   Track & Field practice
 6:00p   Arthroscopic Surgery:Physicians Sneak Peek
 6:00p   Leadership & Disciple Training / Entrenamiento de Lideres Y Discipulos
12/1510:30a   Peace Haven Al-Anon Family Group
 1:00p   Understanding Your Medical Bills
 2:30p   Aerobics of the Mind
 5:30p   Track & Field practice
 5:30p   The Healing Connecton
12/1610:15a   New Day Al-Anon Family Group
 5:30p   Track & Field practice
 8:00p   Love's Al-Anon Family Group
 8:00p   Bethabara Al-Anon Family Group
12/17 2:00p   Healthy Holiday Cooking
 5:30p   Track & Field practice
 6:30p   Service: Saturday evenings / Servicio: Sabados por la noche.
 8:00p   Al-Anon & Alateen Meetings

This is your starting point for finding out more about what people interested in mental and physical health-related issues, support groups, associations, and people devoted to providing learning resources and opportunities, are doing in our community. Follow the links below to Web sites published by not-for-profit groups and organizations with an interest in healthy Minds & Bodies. The Web sites include news about activities, schedules of events, opportunities to participate in discussions or chat and to become a part of a healthy community.
If your not-for-profit organization isn't represented here, you can create a site that will increase your group's Internet and intranet communication capabilities.
You can share information about your organization, its celebrations and its mission with the community by publishing on the Web. Simply e-mail Piedmont Communities to learn how your not-for-profit organization or club may build a Web site and publish it here.
Or, you may click on Create a Web site for on-line instructions in English, or Crear un sitio en la Web, in Spanish.
There is no cost, and building a Web site is fun and easy.

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