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Piedmont Communities is a nonprofit organization that offers web site
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It is supported by tax-deductible donations from individuals and foundations.
Donations may be sent to Piedmont Communities, c/o Treasurer
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The Science and Environment channel will help you learn more about clubs, associations,
vocational training, education and related museums and attractions in our community,
and what people in this area who share your interest in science and the environment.

If your not-for-profit organization isn't represented here, you can create a site that will
increase your group's Internet and intranet communication capabilities, and share
information about your organization, its celebrations and its mission with the community
by publishing on the Web. Simply e-mail Piedmont Communities to learn
how your not-for-profit organization or club may build a Web site and publish it here.
Or, you may click on Create a Web site for on-line instructions in English, or
Crear un sitio en la Web, in Spanish.
When you are ready to build a site, Create a Web site in Piedmont Communities
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There is no cost, and building a Web site is fun and easy.

This Week's Science & Environment Events
2/7 8:30a   SLICE General Membership Meeting, 8:30 a.m.
11:30a   SciWorks Science StoryBook
 6:30p   Civil Air PatrolWeekly Meeting
2/9 6:30p   Civil Air Patrol Weekly Meetings
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Web Sites in this Channel:
 4-H Discovery Club - Forsyth County -
 AITP - Association of Information Technology Professionals - Tarheel Chapter - Winston-Salem, NC
 Alice's CERTL Site - CERTL - Summer of 2003
 All_Computadores - (3 events) Venta de Computadores, Mantenimiento, Legalización, Internet
 Ana Calles - (2 events) CERTL Summer 04'
 Anderson Training and Conference Center - State-of-the-art Conference Center. Most conveniently located facility in the Piedmont. Easily accessible at the I-40 / Hwy. 52 crossroads. Free Parking, SmartBoard Technology, Wireless Connectivity and Satellite / Internet Video TeleConferencing.
 Andrea Peterson - CERTL experiences
 Ashley L. Banks - (8 events)
 BarnYard Robots - Barnard's Paisley Classes Information Page
 Bennett Lab - (3 events) Lab Website
 Bibiana Rangel -
 Blue Ridge Chapter of Trout Unlimited - (36 events) This is the Winston-Salem, NC chapter of the national association dedicated to conserve, protect, and restore trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds
 Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation -
 bowlers site - (2 events)
 Brandon Mills - Brandon Mills
 calcium 4 you - quick facts about calcium for kids who have to do projects on calcium
 Calcium For Kids - Hi Kids! Visit this website for everything you want to know about Calcium!
 CERTL 2004 -
 Civil Air Patrol Mt Airy NC - (3 events) Civil Air Patrol NC155 Composite Squadron
 Clean Water Fund of NC - Clean Water Fund of NC
 Community For Peace - (2 events)
 Computer Science Researc -
 Crime Control and Public Safety - (2 events)
 CUB SCOUT PACK 409 - (4 events) CUB SCOUT PACK 409 Sponsored by AMERICAN LEGION POST 290 King, NC
 Darrick King - 6 weeks of CERTL
 Deborah Winfield - (7 events) Deborah Winfield
 Eagle's Nest Foundation - Eagle's Nest Foundation is a non profit foundation that supports Eagle's Nest Camp for boys and girls and the Outdoor Academy of the Southern Appalachians. Experiential education promoting the natural world and the betterment of human character.
 Earth Sheltered Housing and Commercial Structures - A Collection of case studies on Earth Sheltered Homes and Businesses. A Passive Solar, Energy Efficient and Environmentally Smart way of building today. Sustainable development and intensive green roofs are of fundamental importance world-wide.
 Echo Gardening -
 Fallout Shelter Project - Discussions on the Cold War, fallout sheters and the culture of the times
 Food Studies Institute - Food Studies Institute Food is Elementary curriculum program information
 Forsyth Country Day School - A college preparatory, coeducational, independent school for grades pre-kindergarten through 12. Located in Lewisville, NC in the Piedmont Triad, FCDS is only 10 minutes from downtown Winston-Salem.
 Forsyth County 4-H Market Lamb Project - This is a site for the members, volunteer leaders, and to educate the general public on the Forsyth County 4-H Market Lamb Project.
 Global Explorers 4-H Club -
 Gregory Jones 2004 - Dr. Larry Daniel-Biochemistry
 Haowei Claire Tong's CERTL website - Haowei Claire Tong's CERTL website for summer '04
 Heritage Land Associates -
 Historic Bethabara Park - This link will take you to the official website of Historic Bethabara Park in Winston-Salem. - The Young Greens is an organization which shares the idealogies of Ralph Nader, The Green Party, The Reform Party,
 hunegaVR - Explicar el uso de la heramienta más poderosa para la educación
 hunesa1VR - Explicar el gran concepto de enseñanza con la realidad virtual, el instrumento más poderoso para la enseñanza futura.
 HunesaVR - (2 events) Es un sitio de enseñanza de la realidad virtual, la forma de educación futura en el mundo
 hunesaVR - (2 events)
 Interfaith Partners for the Earth -
 Jo-Ann Lora - Research
 John Kilbourne - John Kilbourne
 Lake Norman State Park Nature Program Calendar - This web site will be used to promote recreational and environmental education programs for the general public at Lake Norman State Park.
 Latham Elementary School - (1 subsite) Rowland Hill Latham Elementary School, a Blue Ribbon School, provides a quality educational to diverse community of students where all are expected to learn.
 Leigh McDonald - Dr. Thomas Register- Comparative Medicine
 Leons Fantastic Site - The Best In The World
 Lifetime Design - (2 events) Team approach for home modification or building using a certified environmental access consultant to perform an assessment and consult with construction team.
 Master Gardener Program - Master Gardeners are community volunteers trained by the Forsyth county Cooperative Extension service to assist with consumer horticulture educational activities of the agency.
 Mountains to Sea Trail - (2 events)
 Nancy Moore Murray - Opportunities for Science and Mathematics Learning
 NC Office of Environmental Education - (2 events)
 PEDRO LAVADO TAFUR - Gerencia de Proyectos de Construcción
 Peter Perret - (2 events)
 Piedmont Conservation Voters - Supporting Leadership for a healthy Environment
 Piedmont Drumrunners - (2 events)
 Psychological Aspects of Fallout Shelters - Psychological Aspects of Fallout Shelters
 Radiation Oncology - (1 event) Kimberly Stewart: CERTL 2004
 Rats, Surgery and Food. - (1 event) The Effects of Abdominal Surgery on the Food Seeking Behavior of Rats
 Research in Cardiology with the use of M.R.I.'s - Research in understanding why cardiovascular diseases occur in men and women at different ages with different actions occurring - weather,news - weather
 School Stuff - Kevin Barnard's download and link page for Paisley Magnet School Classes
 science site (private) - my science project (private)
 SCIMAX -  Map (9 subsites, last updated on 2/3/2006 at 8:03:28 am) Science and Math Excellence for all children.
 SciWorks - (2 events)
 Shertzer's Science Web - Surf here for science topics and ideas.
 Shore-Styers Mill Nature Park - (1 event)
 Sickle Cell Disease Association of the Piedmont - Comprehensive Sickle Cell Services, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Outreach, and Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Education
 Sierra Club -- Foothills Group - Serving Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, Stokes, Surry, & Yadkin Counties
 SLICE: Sustainable Living by Community Choice - (1 subsite, 7 events) We are a group of concerned organizations and individuals in the Greater Winston-Salem area, working to build a stronger network of sustainable initiatives, information, and action in our community.
 Socrates Private Academy - home schooling
 SORT - (2 events) Special Operations Response Team
 Sputnik and its effects on America -
 The H-Bomb - (2 events) The hydrogen bomb's impact on the world and Cold War
 The Hydrogen Bomb - The hydrogen bomb and others and their effect on the world
 The North Carolina Zoological Park & Society - (2 events)
 Triad Environmental Action - engaging piedmont communities
encouraging environmental responsibility
 Triad Skywarn - (2 events) Serving the Piedmont Triad of NC in cooperation with the National Weather Service
 Troop 958 - (3 events) Troop 958 Home page
 Van Nguyen's CERTL Page -
 Walter Martin's CERTL Page -
 Wildlife Rehab - Rehab of injured and orphaned wildlife
 Winston-Salem Civil Air Patrol - The purpose of this website is for communication to members of the Winston-Salem Squadron and N.C. Wing Headquarters - wsfcs homepage - sas - sitio eduactivo e informativo de las actividades dentro de la universidad de machala
 zhyclan -

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