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2003 Reunion for the Class of 1967
Nancy Lide ("Ms. Party Animal") has heard enough about this year's reunion plans for the Class of 1968....so she is hosting a Reunion for the class from Reynolds she thinks is best (that being her Class of 1967)!!

The details come from her (slightly edited) e-mail (that she wanted send out):

To: Class of 1968 (...and others)
From: Nancy Lide, Class of 1967

Re: Class Reunion

I know you (from the Class of '68) are looking forward to your 35th reunion. It should be a smashing success!

We (from the Class of '67) didn't want to miss a year of being together...so we had to plan our own reunion this year. It will be at my house Saturday, July 12th starting at 6:30 pm.

We would love to get together with any of you from the Class of '68 (or others) on Friday night (at Freddie B's)....for drinks or dinner or hanging out. (We need to teach you folks a few things).

Also, if you see anyone from my class: I would appreciate your passing on news of our reunion as we have not been able to reach all of our classmates.

Take care, good luck on your auction, and have a great reunion. I hope to see some of you soon.

Many thanks,
Nancy Lide

Should YOU be a member of the Class of 1967 and want to attend this gala affair, please send Nancy an e-mail notifying her of this desire (by clicking here ( * ) .
Concerning the pre-ReunionS get-together:
Nancy (and her fellow members of the Class of 1967) have organized a "How To" Party (on the evening of July 11th)....and have invited ALL the members (and friends and spouses) of all 3 other classes to this festive event!

What is a "How To" Party?

It is an opportunity for the members of the Class of 1967 to explain (from their vast amount of experience) to the members of the other classes (and more importantly...to the Class of 1968): how one is able to rationally attend a 35th Reunion (and thus, wake up the morning of that event, and while looking at the mirror, realize that he/she has acquired an age that geologists put close to that of dirt....and hence, he/she can't remember what they ate for supper last night....while, during the same 24-hour period: knowing that they will be going to an event where they will be telling and reliving things (in their most minute details) that happened 35 years ago!!!!

How does one do this....and pretend to be rational and/or sane???


The details of the "How To" Party:

When is Party: on Friday evening, July 11th

Where will it be: at Freddie B's Sports Bar & Grill (on Deacon Blvd.)

Why will it be held there: because "Ms. Party Animal" drove a hard bargain with the management of this establishment...and convinced them to donate about 25% of the night's proceeds to the RJ Reynolds Auditorium Renovation Project!!

Why should YOU want to be there: because those that will be there will talk (probably negatively) about you if you are not present to defend yourself!

What time does this begin: somewhere around 6:30pm (that being determined by you)

What is the dress code: you can be as casual and "comfortable" as you like

What does it cost: NOTHING

What is there to eat and drink?: whatever is on the menu...that YOU wish to order (and thus pay for).

Do I have to make any kind of RSVP: NO! Just show up!

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