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Maundy Thursday service performed at Centenary United Methodist Church

"The Last Supper" is probably the most famous painting drawn by Michaelangelo. Starting with this pose, 13 members of Centenary UMC stage a performance in which 12 represent the original disciples. Each disciple gives a brief speech....telling some of the facts about his life, and how he "relates" to Jesus. The setting of the pageant is assumed to be at the Last Supper, just after Jesus has told those present that someone will soon betray Him. They each ask questions that trouble them...which are questions that are just as relevant to us today: Who will betray Jesus today? Is it I?

The top picture is from the pageant. The one just above is a reproduction of Michaelangelo's painting. These next 3 smaller pictures are close-ups of the pageant.
Is this art imitating life....or vice versa?

Because this pageant was staged in the Auditorium (where the lights were turned off except on-stage) and flash-bulbs could not be used, these pictures are not as "crisp" as others.

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