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Rural Hall Elementary School - Mrs. McDermon - Distance Learning
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About Distance Learning
Distance Learning at Rural Hall School includes many things. We have virtual field trips with Colonial Williamsburg, teleconferences with Fairfax Network in "Meet the Author" programs, and videoconferencing with NCSSM. We use the lab to instruct and enrich all students.

Our New Lab
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 Classroom Homepage
Welcome to our class homepage!
 Grading and Homework
Classroom grading and homework policies.
 Our Class Schedule
Our daily schedule.
 Internet Resources
Internet links for parents and students.
Calendar of upcoming events and activities.
 Student Project/Portfolio Web Sites
Student managed, teacher moderated Web Sites for publishing project work.
 Photo Album
Photos of our classroom activities.
 Computer Club
Activities, Meeting Dates
 Curriculum Overview
Curriculum content areas for the year.

linda mcdermon (sheepdog ) linda@mcdermon.com 275 College Street  Rural Hall, North Carolina 27045 United States of America Phone: 1-336-969-9376 Fax: 1-336-969-5994 
Welcome! You may browse public areas of our site.


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