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North Hills Traditional Academy - J.Brown
Home Of The Panthers
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About Our Classroom!
In our class, we follow the "Traditional Classroom " model. The classroom is structured and student discipline, along with Character Traits are incorporated into the curriculum. The academic emphasis is on Reading, Writing, and Math, accompanied by a splash of 21st century technology. As the students recite the North Hills creed each day, we hope to foster the growth of the entire child and help them become productive citizens and lifelong learners.
Upcoming Events
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Pages in Your Class Web Site
 Classroom Homepage
Welcome to our class homepage!
 Student Project/Portfolio Web Sites
Student managed, teacher moderated Web Sites for publishing project work.
 Our Class Schedule
Our daily schedule.
 Closing Celebration
Sign up for Picnic items
Calendar of upcoming events and activities.
 Native American Slide Show
Student Final Projects
 Photo Album
Photos of our classroom activities.
 Pirate Slide Show
Unit Introduction
 Grading and Homework
Classroom grading and homework policies.
 Word for Windows Test Page
Camp Field Trip
 Internet Resources
Internet links for parents and students.
Character Camp 2K1

Janet Brown (jbrown ) jbrown2@wsfcs.k12.nc.us 340 Alspaugh Drive  Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27105 United States of America Phone: 336-661-4940 
Welcome! You may browse public areas of our site.


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