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Interfaith Camp Ministerial Counselors

Ministerial counselors from each religious group were on-hand throughout the 2002 camp (which was the basis of the "Trust Me" documentary.

Camp Elk Shoals is very blessed to
have a "practicing" Methodist minister (ie., Rev. Peter Parish....shown at the left) as its Camp Director.....and he was one such counselor. However, it is even more fortunate that Peter has a wife (Peggy....also shown at the left) that joins in all activites (and helped with counseling duties).

In Peter's absence (or when decisions are needed to be made, and he is involved in other other important activities), there are many times when Peggy is found to be in charge...and she quickly assumes the role of "substitute mother" during all camping experiences.

L to R: Rabbi Murray Ezring (of Temple
Israel in Charlotte, NC), Rev. Peter
Parish and Mr. Shafiq Mohammad
(President of the Islamic Center of
Greensboro, NC)

L to R: Rev. Gary Richardson and
Rev. Doug Pryor

Rabbi Murray Ezring

Rev. Jack Porter
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