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The Elk Shoals
North Carolina
Flood Relief Initiative
We at Elk Shoals United Methodist Camp (located just outside West Jefferson, NC) certainly know about the flooding caused by the several hurricane remnants that crossed the mountains of North Carolina in September (the effects of which which can be seen in the picture to the right....which is of the bridge over the South Fork of the New River that leads to our Campground). Luckily our flooding only lasted several days...and we have resumed our normal activities.

Elk Shoals has a very long history of helping others in our immediate area (via the Carolina Cross Connection ministry....which has been supported and participated in by churches from New Jersey to Georgia for the last 15 years). Because of this rich outreach tradition, we have initiated an effort to help some of those citizens that were hard hit by the recent flooding.

We were lucky that our Campground suffered only some minor damage to our "beach" area. However, our fellow "mountaineers" in Clyde, NC (in the southwestern part of our state), and also our fellow "mountaineers" in Valle Crucis, NC (in the northwestern part of our state) had a lot of their homes and businesses wiped out by these natural disasters!

A picture taken of Valle Crucis. NC in September from the back door of the
Valle Crucis United Methodist Church.

With Elk Shoals being a Christian organization that has as one of its goals "Spreading the Love of Jesus Christ"....we are currently spearheading a Flood Relief Initiative to help those who have suffered far more than us (in the Clyde, NC and Valle Crucis, NC areas).

A picture of downtown Clyde, NC in September.

Obviously a lot of damage occurred in both locations. We hope that you will help us help those in need.
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