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A Candlelight Service of
Nine Lessons and Carols

At Centenary United Methodist Church, the one standard we constantly strive for is excellence. This goal is reached not only in our musical presentations, but also in our regular weekly Sunday services.

Dr. Michael Brown (Senior Minister, and pictured to the left) has become known as one the the GREAT preachers in all of Methodism.....and his weekly sermons (at our 11am services) are heard not only by members of this congregation, but by thousands of listeners to WSJS radio (600 on the AM dial).

To hear any of his most recent sermons, merely click on the link below (to hear the choir), and then click onto the "Sermons" link (when you arrive at the official website of Centenary UMC).

David Pegg....
Centenary's incomparable
Director of Music

Ray Ebert....organist...
THE man "behind" all choir-related
music at Centenary UMC
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