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Welcome to the website of....
Harry Corpening
This page is to be used as a link to other websites that I have created to help the various groups that I interact with. Just click on the link below that sends you to the site that corresponds to the organization of which you are a participant.
Please click here ( * ) to send me an e-mail.
**Red Cross DAT
**Andrews's & Alycia's Wedding Pictures
**RJR Auditorium obelisk webpage
**Bobbie's surprise Birthday Party
**The Patti Family Singers
**The Funeral of Dallas Rhea Clark
**The Childrens Choirs that performed on May 8th
**Our old Cabin in Ashe County (that is now Camp New Hope)
**Music Man pictures
**Nancy Lide: Eulogy of Judy Jones and a request to help with 60-mile walk to raise money for fight against breast cancer.
**Pictures of Labor Day Flooding
**Picture of Mom and Mrs. Edwards
**Pictures of flooding caused by Hurricane Ivan
**Pictures of Mills River homeplace
**Landscaping at Harry's cabin
**Matt has just about finished fixing the road
**A possible cruise in March, 2005
**Flood Relief Initiative
**The performance of Godspell at Centenary UMC
**The Wedding of Stephanie and Alex
**Mom's 88th Birthday
**Contemporary Studies Sunday School Class: Baking 93 Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies for the KAIROS Prison Ministry
**Baby Shower for Vickie & Scott Connell
**Pictures of John Henry Addison
**Current pictures of Mission House at Elk Shoals
** Soul Purpose Pictures
**Childrens Home Garden
**Centenary UMC: Sermon connector webpage
**Contemporary Studies Sunday School Class Brunch
**Betty's Party
**Camp Elk Shoals WInter Scenes
**Corpening 2002 Reunion
**Ashe County Winter Scenes
**A Possible Cottage Design
**Pictures of cabin
**Calendar webpage for Camp Elk Shoals
**Click here ( * ) to read Nancy Lide's e-mail (and learn about the 36th Reunion of the Class of 1967 and the pre-ReunionS Friday evening get-together
**Rev. Jim White at Centenary UMC on Fathers Day
**Pictures from Jim and Dana Austin
**Pictures of the Corpening 2003 Reunion
**Pictures of Class of 67's get-together at Nancy Lide's home
**Website with Camp Elk Shoals logo
**Bert & Beth Bennett Landscaping Project
**One-Day Mission Trip down to eastern NC
**Pictures of Jane Simons' new home
**Camp Elk Shoals 1-Day Mission Trip to help Hurricane Victims
**Rev.and Mrs. Jim and Jennifer White
**Building Harry's Cabin
**Flooding in Ashe County
**Sound & Light Board instructions at Centenary
**A future closet project
**Renting Reynolds Auditorium
**2003 Father-Daughter Dance
**Present Kitchen
**Memorial Resolution for Wayne Corpening presented at Rotary Club of Winston-Salem on May 25th
**Michael at Power lunch
**Pictures from the wedding of Josh and Erin
**Rachel & Mom at the Cabin
**Corpening 2006 Family Reunion
**Chapel at Methodist Camp needing help with acoustics
**2006 Clark Family July 2nd Get-together

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