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A Possible Cottage Design
The following are pictures I took today of a possible cottage design for use at the Camp.

These buildings are built out of redwood (from California...so says the care-taker I spoke with). There is no insulation, and some type of "caulking" has been put between each piece of redwood. The only problems they have had with these structures (that were built in 1984) are "burrowing bees" (that "attack" them.....making holes (for nests) in the spring. They have to spray to keep these away.

As can hopefully be seen from the pictures, these structures seem to have about 600 sq. ft in them (with a layout of about 30' x 20'). All of these are built on "stilts...and all have an "outside" porch/deck (that one gets to via the sliding-glass-door.....from the inside of the cottage.

As one enters the only door, there is a sink, then a stove, then a regriferator on the left wall. There is then a small bathroom beyond that (that has a toilet, tub and shower).

On the wall to the right is a sofa-bed.

The far wall (opposite the kitchen appliances) has a sliding-glass-door. Following this far wall from right to left: there is a bedroom to the left (that has a full or queen bed, and a bunk bed on the fartherest wall).

On the living room side of the bedroom wall, there is a small wood heater, and an electric base-board heat unit. There is a small television to the left of the door to the bedroom (but the guy says the they have very poor television reception.

There is an air conditioner (at the top of the wall) to the right to the sliding-glass-door (that is aimed towards the "length" of the sofa.

Ther are a few electric lights in this facility, and several electrical outlets.

As can be seen, these are placed around a lake. There seems to be one built about every 50 feet or so. They are also "clumped" together, so that 4 of some, and 6 of others form little "groups" (thus accomodating larger groups that wanted to rent these, and stay together).

To get to the next page of pictures, click on the "2" below this picture (and click on "3" following the next page (to get to the 3rd page of pictures)
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