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Sound Board Instructions

Sound-Board in back balcony
About 15 minutes before the service begins, first go to the sound-board console in the back balcony, open up the console cover, and flip on the pulpit microphone switch. (You flip on this pulpit microphone switch so that if organist Ray Ebert talks to the congregation prior to the beginning of the service {and this may well be before you get back to the back balcony}, what he says will be amplified).

Check to make sure the "power" (to the sound-board) is on....and thus, this push-button is lit...and make sure the “take control” button is lit. If one or both of these push-buttons is not lit, push them (so that they beome lit). Since there are light bulbs under both of these push-buttons, there is a chance that the light on either button may have burned out. You will notice via the picture above, that the "power" push button is not lit.

* To make sure the power is on: there is a small red light just above the "power" push-button. If this red light is lit, the power is on. (This is the case in the above picture).

* If the light under the “take control” push-button does not come on when you press that push-button, you will have to go to the “main” sound-board console (located in the Work Room in the Administrative Offices...which is the room that has the copier in it. A picture of this "large sound-board" is below). The “Take Control” button is a toggle switch, that allows either the main sound-board console (in the Work Room), or the sound-board in the back balcony, to be “in control.” Since you want the sound-board in the back balcony to be in charge: when looking at the main sound-board console in the Work Room, you want that “Take Control” push-button to be UN-lit. If it is lit, then push it (which will put the sound-board in the back balcony in charge...and will cause this push-buttom to become un-lit). These 2 push-buttos are located about a foot off the ground...and are next to a volume control knob.

Next go to the Administrative Office, to find out which wireless microphone each minister will be using. Write down on a piece of paper the colors for each microphone...with the proper minister’s name next to each. Pick up a copy of the bulletin for the service, so you can follow it. (Michael Brown will ALWAYS use the “yellow” wireless microphone...and his microphone has his name on it).

If there are no baptisms or introduction of new members to the church in the upcoming service: Michael Brown will use his yellow wireless microphone, and the other ministers will use the pulpit microphone.

If there is a baptism and/or the introduction of new members: give the white wireless microphone to one of the other ministers (that is in the service) and give the blue wireless microphone to the other minister. Write down which minister gets what colored wireless microphone. (The ONLY way to find out whether there will be baptisms or/or new members in a service is to ask one of the 3 ministers participating in that service).

There is a red wireless microphone...and there is also a hand-held wireless microphone that uses this same frequency. We try not to use the red wireless microphone...but if need be, it can be used.
If the choir is using the hand-held microphone for a soloist: this gets turn on and off just like a minister's wireless microphone.

Next, go to the back balcony control board.

The only "flip switches" you will deal with are:
* On the top row: the “pulpit” (the “Choir Solo” microphone switch is to stay ON at all times)
* On the bottom row: the various “colored” wireless microphones.
* During a few special services, we will utilize microphones (on stands) at or near the altar. When this occurs (such as during Advent...when families come to light Advent candles): flip on the 3 switches on the top row that are to the right of the “pulpit” switch (these being identified as:
* COMM RIGHT. (These switches can flipped on as soon as you get to the back balcony, and they can stay on throughout the service).

Place the small magnets (with the ministers’ names) below the correct colored microphone switches.

Once the ministers walk into the sanctuary and into the pulpit, your duty:
* Turn the “pulpit” microphone on (unless Michael Brown is speaking...and when Michael stands to speak: flip on his yellow wireless switch).
* Monitor the amplification coming from the microphone(s) being used...and if the amplification needs to be higher, turn the "volume control" knob clock-wise. (This control does not radically affect the level of sound....so if further amplification is needed, turn the knob to the "10" position. Once the amplification is not needed, return the knob to the "8" position).

The wireless microphone switches (for the ministers other than Michael) should be flipped on when these ministers are at the altar.

Special situations during the service:

* Singing of hymns (by the congregation): all ministers’ microphones are to be turned off.

* Singing of anthems (by the choir): turn the pulpit microphone on, so that a “better quality of sound” will be sent to the radio station (for the 11am service).

* Children’s Moment: Once the 1 stanza of a hymn has finished (that precedes this part of the service), flip the proper wireless microphone on (for the minister leading this part of the service). Turn the microphone off when he/she is finished (and is walking back to the pulpit...during which time another stanza of a hymn will be sung).

* Communion: turn off Michael Brown's wireless microphone once he leaves the pulpit (to go to the altar).

* Announcement about the beginning of the Childrens Service (which immediately preceded the sermon during the 11am service): turn on the pulpit microphone for this announcement.

* Baptism: when the ministers reach the communion rail, all the microphones of all the ministers participating should be turned on. Turn off all of these microphones when this has concluded, and they walk back to the pulpit.

* New Members: as soon as the hymn is finished, turn on all the microphones of all the ministers. Turn off all the microphones after the benediction.

* Benediction: if there are no new members being brought into the church, turn on the pulpit microphone (once the hymn has finished).

After the service has concluded:
* leave the power ON
* leave the “Take Control” button ON
* leave the pulpit microphone ON
* leave the “Choir solo” microphone ON
* all “colored” microphone switches should be off
* close the lid of the desk.

"Main" sound-board in "closet" in Work Room in Administrative Office.
Light Board Instructions

Light board in Sanctuary
You will notice there is a row of long flip switches at the top of the board, and under these there is a row of control knobs (one control knob under each flip switch). Above the control knob (in this row) that is farthest to the right: you will notice 2 round push buttons. On the far right-hand side of the board, you will notice a control knob at the upper right-hand corner, and then under this, a column of flip switches.

THE ONLY SETTINGS YOU WILL CHANGE ARE THE 2nd, 3rd and 4th CONTROL KNOBS from the left ....which are identified as:
* Nave
* Choir Side
* Choir Overhead.

You will also push the 2 round push-buttons.


The time we lower the level of lighting in the sanctuary is during the sermon. Typically this follows a reading of scripture...and then a pre-sermon prayer. It is during this prayer that we lower the level of lighting.

To lower the level of lighting:

* push both of the round push buttons

* turn the “Choir Overhead” control knob counter-clockwise until you get to the red point which reads “Normal.”

* Turn the “Choir Side” control knob counter-clockwise until you get to a small red point (which means that if the control knob were a clock, you would turn the pointer on the control knob counter-clockwise until it reached about the 7:00 location of a clock).

* Turn the “Choir Overhead” control knob counter clockwise until you get to a small red point (which means that if the control knob were a clock, you would turn the pointer on the control knob counter-clockwise until it reached about the 5:00 location of a clock).
Hence, the pointers for these last two control knobs are almost pointing to the same location.

We return the level of lighting to its normal setting at the conclusion of the sermon. During most services, there is a prayer following the sermon (and it is during this prayer that these 3 knobs would be turned clockwise to their previous setting). If there is no prayer following the service...which is the case on Sundays when the service offers the sacrament of Communion: reset the lighting when it is obvious the sermon has ended.

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