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Matt has repaired the road

I saw Matt yesterday. He has finished the work on the road. He said it took 26 loads of rock and dirt to repair it.
It looks GREAT!

The road itself is a little bit higher than before (as can be seen in the above picture....which is taken at the "favorite fishing spot" on the bank (just outside the gate to the Sumner's cabin).

As can be seen, a 4 foot culvert was the perfect size.

To help eliminate the chances of the culvert getting filled with debris in the future, the creek bed was straightened and widened.

As can be seen in the above picture, there presently is no vegetation growing on the river bank (in places) where Matt fixed the road. He is going to sow some rye in these places (since it grows very quick, and will be there until it gets hot next year).
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