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Elk Shoals Interfaith Camp
The beauty of Camp Elk Shoals is the pristine environment that it presents. God's wonderous "natural" creation is shown in the most simplistic of settings.

The "beauty" of the Elk Shoals Interfaith Camp is its simplistic goal....and the simplistic approach taken in achieving this:

Interfaith Reunion
2006 marks the 5th year of Interfaith camps held at Elk Shoals, with a total of 8 camps held so far, 5 for boys and 3 for girls.

On August 6, 2006 ("Friendship Day") Elk Shoals will host a reunion Kosher picnic (one day event) for all the campers, counselors, faith leaders, staff, etc. who have ever participated in any of the previous camps, from 2002 through 2006. We hope this will give everyone the opportunity to meet old friends, make new friends, and share memories!

For more infomation on Interfaith camps at Elk Shoals, please check out the following link:

Thirty-two boys of Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths came together at our camp (during the week of July 28th to August 4th in 2002). During this special time, besides participating in all the normal fun-type endeavors the scenic New River and the mountains of Northwest N.C. have to offer, they were teamed up in trust-forming exercises (where they learned to trust their "fellow man"....no matter what his religion may be).

The goal for these fun-loving campers was to come away still trusting the messages of their religion (and their God), but also learning to trust their fellow man (who, like themselves, are creatures of God's making)....and learning more about the other great religions of the world.

2006 marks the 5th year of INTERFAITH CAMPS at Elk Shoals.

The scheduled weeks are:
JUNE 11-16, 2006 for the Interfaith Girls camp.....and JULY 23-28 for the Interfaith Boys camp. A REUNION day event is planned for Sunday, August 6. This will bring all interfaith campers/counselors and families together from the first year through 2006, as we share memories, good food, and good times!

These camps are held "free of charge" to the participants, as one "cannot put a price on peace!"

Interested campers/parents/sponsors may contact the camp at 336-877-4607 or
e-mail: elkshoals@fastransit.net for
more information.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting camping experience, or about all there is do do at Camp Elk Shoals, you may want to read an article from the July 19, 2002 edition of the "Watauga Democrat" (Boone, NC's newspaper).
Click here ( * ) to go to the Watauga Democrat article.

The Showtime Network has created an award winning 60-minute documentary film on this Camp (called "Trust Me"). It is now airing internationally! (Further information on this can be found below).
Click here ( * ) to view some of the Interfaith Camp's happenings and activities.
Click here ( * ) to see the Interfaith Camp's ministerial counselors.
Click here ( * ) to view many random pictures of the Interfaith Camp activities.
Click here ( * ) to learn more about the Camp's 60-minute doumentary film ("Trust Me")
Click here ( * ) to return to the Camp Elk Shoals homepage.

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