The Woman's College Class of 1955

Gathering at the Chancellor's Breakfast for the Vanguard.
Now we are officially in THE VANGUARD!
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The Class of 1956 at Their 50th Reunion: UNCG, April 22, 2006
Look at what we started: "No more all-white for the 50th Reunion," we declared. Wearing black and white (in any combination) showed off our red sashes.

So what did the Class of 1956 wear? PASTELS! The days of chaste white are gone forever. Take a look.

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Lunch at the home of UNCG Chancellor Patricia Sullivan, 9/20/2005
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UNCG Class of 1955's gift goal was $500,000 to fund an endowment that will provide four Merit Scholarships each year.
We SURPASSED it: $544,324 (as of January 19, 2006: We never quit)!
The check on May 14 was for $539,686 (and we're STILL building.) Keep our Endowment growing, and perhaps we'll be able to add SUMMER STIPENDS as features of our Class of 1955 Merit Scholarships.
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Sashed and Ready! After rehearsing our Class Song (with added Coda!) we entered to a Trumpet Fanfare.
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You bet we did--and we're still kicking,
because the healthier our endowment,
the healthier will be the appeal of

Minerva Rules!
Contributions and pledges can still be sent to:
Class of '55 Scholarship, UNCG Development Office, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402.
Click for photos of Physical Education and Recreation Majors in Greensboro.
Click for Majors and Friends in Winston-Salem on May 12.

Thanks to the Gift Committee, who encouraged high participation from our Classmates.
The Class of 1955 is fortunate to have TWO Collectibles to treasure.

1) Those attending Reunion were given Franda Dobson Pedlow's book of reminiscences from our four years,

2) Still available for a Gift Fund donation of $15 (or more!): Your own sound recording of
A PLACE IN THE SHADE, our Junior Show. The CD was mastered from an LP recording made in 1954. You'll recognize the voices of college "characters" as portrayed by your classmates. What a melodious relic for your grandchildren! Using the honor system, I invite you to send your donation DIRECTLY to UNCG (marking it for the 1955 Scholarship Fund) and then email me. I will send you the CD, along with a copy of the program and the CAROLINIAN review.

Email Ellen Strawbridge Yarborough with comments, digital photos, or CD orders.
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