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The Carolina Cross Connection (CCC)
at Camp Elk Shoals

The Carolina Cross Connection (commonly referred to as the "CCC") is an outreach ministry of the First United Methodist Church in Lincolton, NC. They organize four 1-week summertime "camps" for youth at which the participants:
* join together in projects helping the disadvantaged, and
* reflect on their activities, and learn more about putting their faith into action.
The CCC recruits church groups from all over the eastern seaboard, and organize these 1-week camps at 6 different locations each summer (one of them being Elk Shoals).

They have been coming to this camp for about 15 years....and church groups from as far away as New Jersey yearly come back to continue to take advantage of the special joys of the CCC experience.

The 4 1-week camps are spaced so that there is a "free" week between each of them (during which time the counselors at the Camp finalize the projects and plans for the next upcoming session). A typical session has about 72 participants (made up of church group of various sizes....each with their own counselors). Upon arriving at the Camp, work teams are formed so that each team has members from each church group (if possible)....so that the participants are enabled to make friends that live in many differnt locales).

The participants at Elk Shoals stay in Adirondacks, and "meet and eat" in the Mission Inn. (To learn more about these unique nature-friendly structures, click on the link below to the Camp's home page...and from there, click on the link that tells about the facilities).

Click here ( * ) to go to the CCC homepage.
Click here ( * ) to go to the Elk Shoals Ministries homepage.
Click here ( * ) to go to the homepage of Camp Elk Shoals.

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