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Winston-Salem Institute for Dismantling Racism
In collaboration with the Mayor's Racial Healing Committee, The Institute schedules 2 1/2 day anti-racism workshops provided by the staff of Crossroads Institute.

Thursday, August 24, 6-9 p.m.
Friday, August 25, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday, August 26, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Place to be announced

Workshops are held throughout the year. Generally, sessions are held on the first evening from 6 to 9pm, the second day from 8am to 6pm, and the third day from 8am to 4pm. Attendance for the complete workshop is essential. It is recommended that each church or community association send at least two together, in order to get the most out of bringing the workshop back to the larger group.

For more information about this or future workshops, contact Rev. Willard Bass, 336-722-8379.

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To understand and dismantle racism, we need a common language.
Click for a Glossary of relevant words and terms.

What Is The WS Institute For Dismantling Racism?
The Institute for Racial Reconciliation will provide the long term commitment needed to work with community organizations and local institutions do the work of dismantling racist structures. Three hundred years of systemic racism will not be undone in a weekend workshop, or a community project done by black and white congregations. While such projects can foster new relationships across the racial divide, they fail to address the more hidden social and economic disparities that fall along color lines. Both ongoing, deeper analysis and intentional, action aimed at structural divisions are needed.
Vision of "The Institute."
The following dimensions of the Institute’s work projects the natural progression of its development:
Providing Ongoing Anti-Racism Dialogue & Training
There can be no authentic reconciliation of our racial divisions without recognition of the history of racism and its resistance.

Anti-Racism workshops--such as those done by the Crossroads Organization of Chicago and the People’s Institute of New Orleans--provide history, dialogical learning, and tools of analysis for participants. Using these as models, the Institute for Racial Reconciliation will highlight the local history of racism/resistance in the Winston-Salem community.

As a localized effort, the Institute can tailor its workshops/trainings/forums to the specific needs of the community organization or institution. While the organizer would initially serve as the primary trainer, other workshop leaders will be identified and trained for multiple, ongoing workshops.

Fostering History of Racism and Resistance Projects for Winston-Salem
We can not know where we will go unless we know where we came from.

The way structures of racism take shape in each community varies. The Institute for Racial Reconciliation will foster relationships with the local colleges and their cultural studies departments to help provide specific analysis of Winston-Salem’s history of both racism/resistance.

Approaches to our history that examines the community roots of both Racism and Resistance, (a feature of Anti-Racism training) offers honest recognition of our past and present, while encouraging people to claim an active role in making positive change. While our history often shapes us unknowingly, recognition of Racism and Resistance to racism can help us avoid mistakes of the past and find role models for our future.

This would be an ongoing effort as the work of the Institute expands throughout the community. Histories are needed at all institutional levels: faith communities, schools, health care, government, corporations, etc.

Development of Cooperative Projects for Action
While the Institute’s primary purpose is to train people for strategic action aimed at dismantling structural racism, not every community, organization, or corporate entity will be ready to take on such challenge.

The systemic nature of racial injustice will need resistance and healing at all levels. Cooperative efforts such as Habitat for Humanity, pulpit exchanges, interracial dialogue, cultural sensitivity sessions may be entry points for groups to be introduced to the challenges of Anti-Racism activism.

The Institute will serve as a clearinghouse to connect groups seeking to take steps toward the work of reconciliation. Fostering these new relationships through cooperative projects may be first steps, but will not be encouraged as ends in themselves. Further action steps aimed at structural injustice will be encouraged.

Serve as Consultant for Institutional Power Analyses
"I had to come to the understanding that I am called to resist the same system from which I drew comfort." Dr. Delores Williams, Union Seminary, NY.

Identifying the historical structures of racism can be a difficult task. When identified, they can not be changed overnight. The Institute will help provide ongoing consultation and a process for community organizations and institutions ready to put in place 5-10-20 year plans to root out racism from their own structures.

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For more information about The Institute, contact:
Reverend Willard W. Bass, Jr
Winston-Salem Institute for Dismantling Racism

Green Street Church
639 S. Green Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

(336) 722-8379 (o) 575-2487 (c)

Email Rev. Bass

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