[Piedmont Photography Club]

Revised and Adopted June, 1999

Article I


This organization shall be called the PIEDMONT PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB.

Article II


The aims of the Piedmont Photography Club shall be the enjoyment, mastery and furtherance of photography as a skill and an art form, and the enhancement of individual knowledge of photography.

Article III


Any person interested in photography may become an active member.

Article IV


The officers of this club shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Contest Chairman, all of which shall be elective. Officers shall hold office until their successors qualify. The duties of the officers shall be provided in the By-Laws.

Article V


There shall be a Board of Directors consisting of six (6) people, namely the elected officers of the organization and the Past President or any member or members appointed to serve in a Board Member's absence.

Article VI


The officers shall be elected for a period of one year. No elective officer shall hold the same office more than two (2) consecutive terms. The election procedure is provided in the By-Laws.

Article VII


SECTION I. In the event of absence, resignation, incapacity, death or removal of the President, the office shall be taken over for the unexpired term by the Vice-President. If for any reason the Vice-President is unable to take over the office, the Secretary shall assume the Presidency for the unexpired term.

SECTION II. If any office, except that of the President, shall become vacant for any reason it shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the Board of Directors.

Article VIII


SECTION I. Regular meetings of this Club shall be held as provided in the By-Laws.

SECTION II. Such other meetings may or shall be called or held as specified in the By-Laws.

SECTION III. All business meetings of the Club shall be conducted with respect to the officer in charge and with "Rules of Order".

Article IX


SECTION I. A quorum of members at a business meeting shall not be less than one-fourth (1/4) of the members in good standing, including at least one Officer.

SECTION II. A quorum of the Board of Directors shall consist of over one-half (1/2) the Board, at least one of these being the President, Vice-President or Past President.

Article X


The fiscal year of this organization shall be September 1 to August 31.

Article XI


Any proposed revocation, addition or amendment to this Constitution may be made as follows: The proposed revocation, addition, or amendment may be initiated by a majority affirmative vote of the Board of Directors, or five (5) members in good standing. It must be presented in writing, duly signed by said Directors or members at a regular or especially-called meeting of the Club, at which at least a quorum is present. It shall then be discussed and tabled until the next Annual Business Meeting, at which at least a quorum is present, when it shall be voted upon by show of hands unless a written ballot is called for. To be adopted, it must be passed by two-thirds (2/3) of the members present.

Article XII


SECTION I. All By-Laws shall be binding to the same degree as the provision of the Constitution.

SECTION II. By-Laws shall not be in conflict with the Constitution.. Proposals for enactment, amendment, or revocation of By-Laws may be made by a majority affirmative vote of the Board of Directors, or by a letter undersigned by at least five (5) members in good standing. Duly prepared proposals shall be presented by motion at a regular or special business meeting, at which a quorum is present. Proposals shall be discussed but not voted upon until the next business meeting. To be adopted, a proposal must be passed by at least a majority of a quorum.

Article XIII


This Constitution and attached By-Laws shall be adopted when they have been approved by at least two-thirds of the total number of members who have paid their dues for one year, and when they have been notified by the Secretary of its adoption.

This Constitution and attached By-Laws were adopted at the regular meeting of the Piedmont Photography Club, June 7, 1999.

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