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Plantation Row HOA
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E-News for residents of Plantation Row
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Welcome to E-News

This is the quickest and most efficient way to distribute newsworthy information to our homeowners. We realize that some residents do not have a computer or access to e-mail, so we ask those of you on our distribution to share with your neighbors.

Please e-mail all news items to me to be included in an upcoming edition. We hope to have this published on a monthly basis with a few exceptions when something requires an immediate distribution. The editor reserves the right to edit or reject certain items deemed inappropriate for this publication. If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

If you would like to be on this distribution, e-mail WHanson1@Triad.RR.Com and ask to be included in the Plantation Row E-News. Your e-mail address will remain private, will not be distributed and will only be used for Plantation Row E-News.

William Hanson, editor

Plantation Row Garden Club

Did you notice the beautiful Begonias planted at the entrance? Your garden club invested several hours on a recent Saturday morning beautifying our neighborhood. Last Fall, we planted hundreds of daffodils and calla lilies along the frontage on Peace Haven Road. The “Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful” program provided the bulbs free-of-charge. It was quite a show of color this Spring with the shades of yellow blended with the red tulips planted the previous year. If you are interested in joining our Garden Club, please contact Ethel Butcher, our president.

Land-Tek Grounds Maintenance Service
Plantation Row HOA contracts with Land-Tek for our annual grounds maintenance. The services includes “mow and trim as needed on weekly basis during growing season, blow mowing debris from walks and curbs with each mowing, edge curbs & beds with each mowing, weed control as needed, annual plug & seed, fertilize and broad leaf control & crabgrass, weed control in beds, mulch beds with pine needles-one application annually, and insect & disease control.” For leaf removal: “two times in Fall.” Snow service for our streets is on a per hour and as necessary basis.

If you have any issues with this service, please contact William Hanson, Grounds Maintenance Coordinator, with details via e-mail WHanson1@Triad.RR.Com or by phone between 10AM – 8PM. Please be patient as we have 110 lots to maintain; your concerns will be addressed proactively.

Speeding is OUR Problem
Speeding continues to be a dangerous problem on our narrow streets with many blind spots. The board has ongoing discussions to determine what can be cost-effective in encouraging our residents, their visitors and service vehicles to slow down. The official speed limit within Plantation Row is 20 MPH.

It is also important to remain on your side of the street to prevent unnecessary accidents. If a vehicle is parked on your side, please yield to oncoming traffic. Remember that parking on street at night is prohibited to enable emergency vehicles to respond unimpeded.

Parking on street at anytime creates unnecessary hazards. Please use your garage or driveway.

Share your Hobbies & Activities
If you have a favorite hobby or activity, please share that with your neighbors and invite them to join your passion.
It could be a bridge club, Bible study, lunch bunch, any sport whether it be participation or as a fan, or whatever. This is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and make some new friends. This forum could be your chance to make that connection; e-mail all pertinent information to the editor for publication.

Yard Thieves
Plantation Row Directory

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As a reminder, the information published on the Contact List is strictly for personal use as a benefit to Plantation Row homeowners/residents. Under no circumstance can this information be used for any commercial purposes nor can it be sold or given to any person(s) outside of the Plantation Row HOA. It is all of our duties to respect each other’s privacy.

Any updates are to be forwarded to Teresa Inman and Wendy Gallimore, our Property Manager. This includes when your property is sold. If you are a new homeowner and are not listed, please contact the same persons with your information.

Architectural Committee 101

The Architectural Committee needs your cooperation; please provide details on any home improvement projects you are planning that will affect the exterior of your home for review and approval within 30 days prior to start of the project. This is in accordance to the Plantation Row Covenants, Article VI Architectural Control.
If you do not have a copy of said document, please contact the Property Manager, Wendy Gallimore at 760-0721. It is imperative that these protocols are followed to protect the property integrity and value of our homes. This includes porches, siding, windows, roofing, plantings, fencing, etc. If in doubt, initiate a review to be sure. You may call Teresa Inman at 659-8783 or email her at lt12@triad.rr.com.

Yard Sales Prohibited
No On-Street Parking Allowed

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On Street Parking continues to be a problem within the neighborhood. Please remember the rule that prior boards established that states in part … All Owners agree not to park their vehicles on the access ways or streets in the Development at any time or allow any occupant or guest of a dwelling to do so unless the parking is temporary, not an obstruction to the flow of traffic, and does not create a nuisance…
Since this continues to be a problem and many people are ignoring the above rule, the Board voted to establish definite enforcement guidelines for this rule. The Board has established the following fine for violators: $100.00 per day.

Please refer to the attached information for further detail on this and other Board rules. Click the file icon above to access the Rules and Regulations document and the Back button on your browser to return to this page.

No Commercial Truck Parking Overnight

Commercial trucks owned by residents are not allowed to be parked in Plantation Row at anytime other than temporary use to move household or yard goods in or out. This is in accordance to the Rules and Regulations document mentioned above.
Plantation Row HOA Board
If you are interested in serving on the HOA Board, please contact any one of us to be placed on the next annual meeting’s ballot.
Plantation Row HOA Board Members

Contact Us:
 William Hanson (wehpiedmontc )
 5240 Old Plantation Circle  Winston-Salem, NC 27104-5417 United States of America 
 Phone: (336) 659-8862   


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