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We are the Future of America.
Welcome! Do you realize that we are the future? We will become adults after High school. That in its self is scary. Where did our childhood go? After High School, what do you plan on doing? Going to College, finding a job, or starting a family? By the time we have children, they will not use pencil's and paper anymore they will have lap top computers. They will also have to graduate high school before working at McDonalds or Burger King. This website has been set up by myself, Megan Phipps I am known as a slacker with a lot of idea's and opinions. I realized that I was only Sixteen years old and that I was a Junior in high school, because of this I know that it's time to get busy; put all my attention in my school work, because I'm the future of tomorrow. I can't wait for that day in year 2002 at North Davidson High School, when I graduate!


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