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The Childrens Home Garden came about in the spring of 1998. The "Jim Holmes guys" (both Jim Jr, and Jim III) were driving to a meeting together, and got into a discussion about the problem of there always being hungry people in Forsyth County. Via offering suggestions back and forth, they came upon the idea of taking a plot of land at the Methodist Childrens Home (on Reynolda Road, in Winston-Salem, where both had been on the Board of Trustees), and turning that plot into a vegetable garden. (This was not all that far-fetched an idea, as this Childrens Home campus was a "working farm" back in the 60's and 70's). Jim Jr. is the financial backer and "leader" of this project. For workers, he convinced the members of the Contemporary Studies Sunday School Class at Centenary United Methodist Church to help out....as he has solicited help from other individuals and groups (both "in" and "outside of" Centenary).



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