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Thief from our yards continues to be a major problem. It seems that one or more cowardly kleptomaniacs with a penchant for yard decorations have been visiting Plantation Row on a regular basis. All reported incidents occur at night when all good people are inside and usually asleep. Our homes are well insulated and so far no one has been awoken by one of these creeps. Some are taking extra precautions by installing motion detector lights and other security devices, but the best is for all of us to be vigilant in looking out for one another. If you have been visited, please file a police report regardless how insignificant you may think it is because our police department operates based on statistics. They will respond when they perceive that we have a problem and based on the numbers. Some of our residents have noticed a few patrols driving through at night. With your reports to the W-S Police Departmentís Non-Emergency number 773-7700, you will raise their awareness and response accordingly. Donít think for a minute that they will not come back because my yard has been hit three times already; two nights in a row and then a month later. The theory is that either yard sale attendees and/or scavengers, during the annual bulk item pickup, brought undesirable people into our development who did their scouting during daylight and shopping at night. Yes, backyards are vulnerable, so secure your items of value or put them up until this blows over.
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Where should we go on vacation? 0 responses
This is where you'd put the text of your discussion. I think we might have a good time driving to Massachusetts, then through the Canadian Riviera, then to Michigan--maybe to the Upper Peninsula across Mackinaw Bridge.


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