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Class of 1967 get-together at Nancy Lide's home
As one pulled into Sussex Lane, you could see that something special was taking place at the address of 2032....since there were a lot of black and yellow balloons showing....there were an awful lot of cars parked up and down the street...and there was a lot laughter that could be heard.

Once inside, all you seemingly saw (other than a fabulous looking home) was a sea of smiling faces.

Below are pictures of (hopefully) all of the attendees of the Class of 1967 that came together at Nancy Lide's home for an evening of fun and fellowship.

If you see a picture of a classmate that has the wrong (or no) name under it, please click here ( * ) and supply us with the correct information (making sure you tell us what page and what picture you are refering to).






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