The Joy of Giving
Group Fundraising Ideas

Samaritan Ministries relies on the generosity of a loving community to accomplish its' mission of mercy. From volunteers staffing the Soup Kitchen and Samaritan Inn, to churches, businesses and people generously donating money, Samaritan Ministries exists because people like you care. Listed below are a few ways you can help support the work of Samaritan Ministries. Call Jeff Hardin at 748-1962 for more information on becoming a blessing to people in need.

Online Giving Section - Updated Policy

Samaritan Ministries offers online giving! It's a quick, easy way to feed and shelter people in need. Network for Good, a separate organization from Samaritan Ministries, hosts the online giving section. Network for Good will securely process your donation, with 3% of your gift charged to Samaritan Ministries for processing. So, if you make a $100 gift, Samaritan Ministries receives $97. However, the full amount of your donation is tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation online, get out your credit card and click here. Please call us at (336) 748-1962 if you have any questions about online donations. Thank you for your commitment to Samaritan Ministries.

The Penny Campaign

Most people think that pennies possess very little power. Five hundred pennies might get you a fast food meal. Ten thousand "Lincolns" might buy you and your family a nice dinner. Pennies may have found a home in the "give-a-penny, take-a-penny" bin at the local gas-up mart, but one-cent coins remain far removed from affecting your bottom line.

But Samaritan Ministries discovered that pennies possess miraculous powers! Pennies ease the pain of poverty, inspiring people to take control of their lives. Samaritan found that 27 pennies working together pay for a warm, nutritious meal. A few hundred pennies give shelter from the cold, providing people with hope in our community. A few of those laughed-at Lincolns do some serious work in our community. Who knew the little penny could do so much?

Samaritan Ministries celebrates the power of the penny each fall with 'The Penny Campaign'. The Penny Campaign, Samaritan Ministries' largest fundraising event of the year, accounts for about 25% of Samaritan Ministries' operating budget. People throughout the Triad collect coins in jars throughout the months of October and November. The coin collection happens the first Saturday in December at Thruway Center in Winston-Salem. It's a day of fun and fellowship with WXII's Cameron Kent and the Samaritan team.

Would you like to get involved in the Penny Campaign? There are so many ways to help bring hope and healing to people in need. Call Samaritan Ministries at 748-1962 if you'd like to become a "coin collector", or click here for more information on the Penny Campaign.

Souper Bowl Sunday

The 2003 NFL season is in full swing! Football teams will spend the next few months bumping heads, separating the contenders from the pretenders. Well, how would you like to support the real "Winning Team" Super Sunday in January? Here's your chance! "Souper Bowl Sunday" allows Church youth to raise awareness of hunger in our community while raising money for Samaritan Ministries. Church youth wear the jersey of their favorite NFL team and collect money in Church on Super Bowl Sunday, February 1, 2004. The money raised allows Samaritan Ministries to serve warm, nutritious food to our guests during the cold winter months.
For more information on how to get on the Winning Team, call Jeff Hardin at 748-1962, extension 25.

Canned Food Drives

Food costs at the Samaritan Soup Kitchen hover around 27 cents per meal! One reason food costs run so low is because of the generosity of people in our community that make food donations or hold canned food drives. Food drives are a fun way to help Samaritan Ministries, and educate people about the problem of hunger in our community. Talk to your neighbors and friends, or Sunday school class about organizing a canned food drive. Call 748-1962 for more information.

Youth Projects

If your church or school group has the time and talent, why not have fun and help people in need? Each year, groups hold car washes, golf tournaments, raffles and other fun get-togethers to benefit Samaritan Ministries. Call Samaritan if you'd like to raise money and the spirits of people in our community.

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